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    Time has come...lots must go

    Well, a time has come where games just aren't really important anymore. I could use the money and they're just taking up space, so I'm offering them here. Prices do not include shipping. Contact me for shipping quotes. Prices are based on their current market value and what I payed for them. If...
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    Legacy Online?

    Was browsing sega's site and saw this game. Has anyone played it let alone heard of it?
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    Release List

    Anyone have a good place to find a list of all DC games released in the US? EU and Japanese releases would be cool too, but not necessary.
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    Ikaruga Simulator

    Found this goiong through my favorites today...totally forgot about it. Pretty cool java applet to burn away those boring hours at work or school!
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    Shining Force III and Suikoden II

    Never thought I'd say this but I'm growing away from RPGs! So these are the first 2 to go...Looking for cash, unless you have a MVS board you're willing to part with. US Shining Force III for Sega Saturn US Suikoden II for Playstation Both games have scratches but play fine! I have...
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    Planet Harriers

    Has anyone ever seen it? I've only seen movies on the web, but I have never seen it in an arcade...any word if it's coming to consoles? It looked like great shooting fun
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    Was that you I killed earlier or was it just a wannabe Iceman2k?
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    $1800 DC oO
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    Nights.....on the gba Talk about ways to give online games replay value...