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    More Broadband Adapters on the way "Japanese hardware manufacturer CSI has confirmed plans to make a limited quantity of Dreamcast broadband adapters due to overwhelming demand...CSI plans to manufacture 1,000 additional Dreamcast broadband adapters, and will begin accepting preorders...
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    Ebay and DC Imports's too many auctions on Ebay for it to still be a banned thing on EBay.
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    Importing email from .dbx

    I was wondering if someone could hlp me import my e-mail. I have the inbox.dbx file, but I'm not sure how to import it. I've tried File->Import->Messages->Then any of the 3 Outlook options, but it can't find the file in any of them. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great.
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    Another weird auction Wow. If this isn't a joke auction, then I don't know what to say to this...other than the seller is a total retard. (Edited by FLEABttn at 5:55 pm on Mar. 7, 2002)
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    Just got a few games...

    I just got a few Dreamcast games this week. I got a used Skies of Arcadia for $10 and 4 Invader Zim VCD's. I also got pre-production promotional discs of Jet Set Radio and Rayman 2 for $6 total including shipping. How unfotunate I have to wait 2 weeks for those two.
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    Super Glue

    Does your generic super glue conduct electricity and/or can it hurt electronic components like transistors and stuff? My Atari Lynx needs a little surgery.
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    RAM Question

    My new computer has 256 Megs of PC133 RAM. If I put in my old 128 PC100 stick, will it slow the comp down? (Yes, my motherboard is compadible with PC100).
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    Anime suggestion?

    OK, I need some anime. So far, I've seen Cowboy Bebop (^_^), Neon Genesis Evangelion (^_^), Akira (^_^), most of Please Save My Earth (^_^), and Ghost in the Shell (v_v). Does anyone have any recommendations as to what I should see next? (Please, no Dragon Ball/Pokemon/Digimon/Sailor Moon/The...
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    Oh fuck, bleem!...

    Dammit! I didn't want to see this day come, but it happend. bleem! is dead. Check it out for yourselves:
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    Shenmue 2 and PSO Xbox exclusives. Read it and be filled with sadness. (Edited by FLEABttn at 11:23 pm on Oct. 11, 2001)
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    Where can I buy European Dreamcast imports?

    Anybody know of any good websites that sell European Dreamcast games?
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    So few US games left.

    Another DC game has been cancelled in the US (that bowling game). All we have left now are: Bomberman Online Mark of the Wolves NBA2K2 Tennis 2K2 Conflict Zone Exhibition of Speed Shenmue 2 NHL 2K2 Propellor Arena is still in limbo. Headhunter and Rez are still being...
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    Dreamcast Soundtracks?

    Any chance in the future that we could get a Dreamcast Soundtracks section?