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    Brand new controllers

    Hey all. The other day I went to a place called "cash converters" (a pawn style shop in australia with lots of outlets). I was just having a look around to see if anyone had viewful joe for GC cause i've been wanting to play it. Anyway, as I was looking I noticed a stack of controllers in one...
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    Just got an RGB scart to component converter! :O

    Hey all, I was sad the day my beautiful NEC 68cm TV died. It had played all my classic consoles from the nes to segasaturn. It provided a nice clear pic via its great S-video connection. It took many weeks of searching to find a replacment TV. The main reason being almost every tv avalible now...
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    Someone with an open US or jap saturn

    Hey all, I just want someone with an open open/dismantled US.Jap saturn to tell me what resistor id in place on JP1. I just want to know to fine tune my 60hz mod.
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    60hz mod on a model 1?

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone knows of a guide to help me with doing the mod to my model 1 saturn, as the layouts are differen't. Edit: i'm talking about the ntsc/pal switch here, not the simply pal 60hz mod. Cheers, Anthony
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    My 4in1 cart is arriving TOMORROW!!! I'm excited! PS: i know, it's a pointless post, but I've been wiaiting for it since September (damn you lik-sang).
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    IRC channel?

    this place have an IRC channel or what?
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    you've probably seen this before.

    you've probably seen this before. Was just searching on google and came across this sega cabinet that someone made out of a sega saturn. I thought it was cool
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    little help with SMS emulator for saturn :(

    Well, I think the developer was a little short sited when he choose the iso format. I have not got 1 program that burns a .img file and the only one I could find was easy CD creator 5. Which I do not want to install. Can someone please advise me on how to make it a .bin, or .iso file.
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    Action Replay card for jap Saturn only? I saw this on ebay and just wondering if the discription is true? I never heard of a jap only Action replay card before. Any help?
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    Saturn game manuals?

    Hey, i'm on the hunt for a virtua fighter 2 game manual. But can't seem to find a site. Anyone know one? or maybe someone could scan it for me
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    DOA for Saturn vs. DOA for PSX

    Hey, I been thinking of getting Dead or Alive but I have one question, should I get it for the PSX or the saturn? I'm more prefering to get it for the saturn but i've heard that the PSX version has better lighting and other stuff. Anyone wanna help me out?
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    VCD addon question

    Does the VCD addon for the saturn allow you to run SVCD cd's as well as normal VCD's?
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    Soccer games for the saturn?

    anyone know any good soccer games for the saturn?