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  1. Segaholic

    Best Way To Debug Saturn BIOS?

    this is one of the only ways I know how to test anything to do with the bios comms link card and cable with 4-in-1 AR .. will let you test run functions or subroutines in the bios and also allow you to collect information left behind after test-running the function. heres how I was able to...
  2. Segaholic

    Games that check the security ring twice.

    Sonic JAM checks again after cdrom-idle for 1 minute, you can disable the 2nd check with a gameshark/actionreplay..
  3. Segaholic

    Official Swap Trick Support Thread

    bootleg sampler will allow you to only swap the disk 1 time if you wait until after the CD check returns from the edge of the disk screams Vol. 1/2 work this way too. Mini-Disk's will damage the lens quicker so I don't use them...