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    ok ok ok... i got a question. Direct connect is all about hubs and blah blah blah and all that garbage... but why dont we all set up kazaa with our current 3do images in the shared folder? if a large enough number of people do it, transfer rates on some files should be decent since it can get...
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    AB news groups

    are there any binary news groups with 3do images? if no, why not? my news server at attbi is wicked fast for some reason and they get almost 100 percent of the headers. if there are NG's with 40,000 headers worth of dreamcast game imagesm, there should be a 3do NG... #### it.
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    boards views/rules ?

    i was wondering how this board feels about hacked pubs? a friend of mine could supply me with open computers with lots of bandwith and i can upload 3DO to them. or, since he does it anyway. would the board mind if i happened to upload 3DO iso's to these pubs and posted the ips for them?
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    help   ... CD-I  game images?

    i know this is a 3do board but i am hitting a total wall. does anyone know where i can get a hold of cd-i disc images? sorry this is off topic but it seemed like the best place to ask.