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    Gameshark codes

    Is there any other sites besides (Or something like that ) that has them.
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    Well i'm back.

    Well i'm back. My PC broke and other misc things came up so I had to leave. Well i'm back. Now I have a question that is burning... Are there any gaming stores in Chinatown in NYC ? I'm going in july and hope to pick up some games.
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    Semi OT

    I know this jackass who wants someone to sell him some DC emulators CD-R's with roms burnt on them, he clames its a "service" but what is it really? I sure as #### wouldnt pay for something I could do for free; in other words is it the same as selling roms ?
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    Ezcd problem.

    I have a blank disc and all my files in order and correct, but why wont the program let me write my files to the disc ? I have my burner set up even.
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    Possable on Saturn ?

    Sense there was the Phoenix and SMS Plus emulator on the saturn, would an arcade emulator for the game Bank Panic be posable ? The specs of the hardware are as follow: Z80 (running at 3.967120 MHz) + 3 x SN76496 (running at 3.867120 MHz), the res is 224x224, 32 colors. I know it sounds lame...
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    anyone tell my why ?

    some times dreamcast Controler ports wear out really fast ? Is it because of those damned arcade sticks (most of time time i hear its from people that use them) and Jump packs ?
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    Anyway to...

    ...Speed up my connection to the internet ? I have a cable modem and its slow as #### :( I'm told some regestry editing in windows does the trick, is this true ?
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    Comms link question...

    I might be able to get a Comms link card cheep; i'll I ask my dad to see if he can specal order one. Now can you use a _regular_ DB25 cable from the par to the Comms link card ?
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    Need for Speed

    I've read the saturn verison of this game is lacking some tracks from the PC verison. Is it true ? and if it does not, does it contain the tracks from the SE edition (The updated one) Thanx!
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    Semi OT question

    my dad just got a compact flash card, would it be possiable to hack a deivce to allow a cart based system to read data from the compact flash card ?
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    Typing Space Harrier Demo

    Man this game is addictive, fun and fast paced. You can get the demo here. Its less than 10 megs and if you have a old P233 mhz pc you can run it *points fingers at radsil :p*
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    I'm so lucky !!!

    Today I went shopping in syaracuse new york, and I went to the Local gaming store "Game Craze" and I bought Sonic Jam there for the low low price of... ... 15$ ! its in mint condition, except the case has some scratches on it. Other than that its mint.
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    Night Striker ?

    I double checked the SCDconv compatiblity list and i dont see this game listed... can it be converted to run on american systems ?
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    Swaptrick ?

    I have what appears to be a late model 2, and its a absolute BITCH to swap, isint there a easier way to swap ? I could get a mod chip but thats out of my budget right now.
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    Saturn sports games ?

    a store a distance away has saturn games, however they mostly have sports games, I was wondering what are some good ones ? and also I saw lost world JP 2 there is it based on the psx version ? if so the SE or the plane version ? also I wont be going to the soter for a while it seems....
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    Does anyone want to be a child again ?

    I do any of you wish to be a child again ? I mean being grown up sucks !
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    need help

    My mom has a friend who has a daughter, and she bought her daughter a dreamcast today for Xmas :), now the the girl is sorta a tomboy, can you reccomend any games ? all I can think of is Sonic Adventure Sonic Adventure 2 Smash Pack Chu Chu Rocket Silver Jet Grind Radio Thanks, Im out of...
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    Lunar Question

    I found my Lunar 1 sound track, my question is who did the soundtrack for both of the games ? (Edited by Captian Crazy at 6:01 pm on Nov. 28, 2001)
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    Dynamic Country Club Questions

    1. How good is it 2. Is it a accurate port of the System 24 Arcade version
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    Basic (the Program language)

    Having picked up a basic manual today at school (from a long ass time ago), I was wondering what If I could do anything besides make games with basic ?