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    Hates about paypal

    Why are you in germany again ? I asked you and I forgot what what you said (sorry).
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    Mailbox bomber

    Pray it will be not much longer.. Besides you on vacation or something?
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    Non american ports

    El Viento WAS realsed in america. I reccomend Alien Solider, Yu Yu Hakiso Gaiden (SP ?) (not the 4 player fighting game, as it's shit) and Ninja Burai Densteau ( I spelt the last part of this name wrong)
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    Classic game source out of business?

    I bought from them in late june 2001, they where reliable and very good service.
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    Gameshark codes

    Is there any other sites besides (Or something like that ) that has them.
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    Well i'm back.

    Well i'm back. My PC broke and other misc things came up so I had to leave. Well i'm back. Now I have a question that is burning... Are there any gaming stores in Chinatown in NYC ? I'm going in july and hope to pick up some games.
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    Semi OT

    I know this jackass who wants someone to sell him some DC emulators CD-R's with roms burnt on them, he clames its a "service" but what is it really? I sure as #### wouldnt pay for something I could do for free; in other words is it the same as selling roms ?
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    NHL 94 SEGA CD - Music files

    Is this better than the genesis versions, after 1994 ?
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    My first XP ::Needs help::

    You should be banned for mentioning warez. :p :p :p J/k
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    Time Warner to Charge for Excessive Bandwidth Usage..

    Shit, I use them too... Good thing I don't use a lot of bandwidth.
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    Somone is back here

    Speaking of hentai, I talked about it in front of this anime obbessed girl, #### I was lucky I didn't slaped heheh. My stupid friends brought it up.
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    Shining Force III scenarios 2, 3 & Premium

    Shining Force III scenarios 2, 3 & Premium Here.
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    Whats that new 2d arcade game everyone plays?

    Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. The PS2 version of Capcom Vs. Snk 2 is missing characters from the DC version ?!
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    Quickest and Easiest way to..

    This just came to me. Take a hammer and nail and smash the nail into the middle of the cpu.
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    Quickest and Easiest way to..

    Ratamahatta's Idea is good, but not that hard. I reccomend you you crush the cpu core and put the fan back on, if its a AMD cpu, it's easier to do.
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    Anyone in the uk want a free jap

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    Shinning Force 3

    Sweetness :)
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    What's the highest you've paid for a Saturn game?

    I payed 2$ for my sealed Fighters Megamix. Cloud, I though you payed 40$ for HOTD ?
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    What is everyone's favorite shooter?

    Metal Black Darius Gaiden/Darius Gaiden Extra Armored Police Batrider Battle Garrega Abuse Gunforce (Gunforce 2 is crap) Alien Solider
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    Laptop PC

    Speaking of PC's, I reinstalled Hexen and I tired installing the addon for it (this is the first one) and when I try to run the addon, all I get is the first level of the first game with broken GFX, I hear I have to install patch 1.1 first and then the addon ? Or do I have to reinstall the game...