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    Where are the dev/translations, etc old sections ?

    Hi folks, It's a long time since I've been here, and I found out that only the forum is left, the old sections are gone. They were useful, especially the translations and Saturn dev ones, because they're quite unique. Have they gone somewhere else ? Thanks Djidjo
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    Quality of this Princess Crown translation English is not my mother language but it seems to me that this translation is poor English... (though it's complete !) Am I right or do they use some old English I don't understand - this would mean it's a High Quality translation - ...
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    Which Mahjong rules are used in Final Romance II ?

    Hi folks, I play Mahjong with friends from time to time (4 players), but when I play on my Saturn (Final Romance 2), I'm a bit irritated because sometimes I HAVE Mahjong but the Saturn says I don't. Mahjong for me is : 4 combinations + 1 pair Combination = 3 following each other or 3 the same...
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    Do ALL HotD versions flash when you shoot ?

    Hi folks, I have the JAP version of the greatest lightgun shooter, and this flash every time you shoot is very annoying. Is it worth trying to find the PAL or US version, or do they flash all the same ? Thanks ! Djidjo
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    12 player snake

    Hi slinga, Guess what ? 2 days ago, vreuzon, a friend and I played 12-player snake for more than 5 minutes. There's a small problem : from time to time, there's nothing to eat for a long time. Is it on purpose ? Djidjo
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    I've seen this game on ebay for sale, never heard of it before. Seems like a Shinobi game. Do you know this game ? Opinions ? Thanks Djidjo
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    Free Ripping tool ?

    Hi folks, Do you guys know a FREE (not cracked shareware or payware) tool to make BIN/CUE or ISO/WAV from Saturn or SegaCD games ? Not EasyCD Pro, I'm under W2k. Does CDMage can ? Thanks ! Djidjo
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    Different CD Pics for Magic Knight Rayearth

    Hi folks, I got 2 copies of Magic Knight Rayearth US, they're exactly the same one big difference : the CD pic. On the first one, there's the "red" girl (forgot their names, sorry), and on the other one there's the "blue" girl. Are there differences in the game ? Is there also an edition with...
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    Differences Between 2 Magic The Gathering Games ?

    Hi folks, Is there a difference between MTG Battlemage and MTG Duel of the Planeswalker in the one player shandalar mode ? I've read it's the second part of the "story" but it just seems to be the same game... Thanks ! Djidjo
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    Floupix feedback poll

    Hi folks, We at the SSMTF really would like to know how many people downloaded and played Floupix Ping Pong, and what you think of it. Vreuzon spent about one year to develop it, and though WE have bunch of fun playing it, we'd like to know if it was worth the hassle. Feel free to post any...
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    Floupix Ping Pong NTSC/60Hz release

    Now you have no more excuses not to play. Vreuzon just released FLOUPIX PING PONG NTSC, the 12-player eXtreme Slime-Volleyball ! The game might be faster than PAL, because he couldn't test it, since his Saturn doesn't have a 50/60Hz Switch. Just download the PAL bin/cue archive and the NTSC...
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    FLOUPIX ! The funniest homebrew Saturn game !

    This is a breakthrough in homemade Saturn games ! After 1 year of developing and testing, FLOUPIX is here ! Vreuzon from the The Sega Saturn Multiplayer Task Force made an awesome game (PAL-50Hz version only at the moment but an NTSC-60Hz release is on the way). This game is sort of a (very)...
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    Lulu : un conte interactif

    Hi folks, I'm wondering what "Lulu: Un Conte Interactif de Romain Victor-Pujebet" is. In vgrebirth it says it's a translation of a french CDROM. Did they remove all the french ? Or (for example) are there just jap subtitles with the original french soundtrack ? Thanks ! Djidjo
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    Japanese RPGs and Card Games for PC ?

    Hi folks, I'm fond of Japanese-style RPGs (but not in Japanese, of course) and loved the Magic game where you wander through Shandalar and fight demons with cards. Do you know any other game like these types for PC ? Card-games like Magic and Jap RPGs like Grandia 2. Thanks ! Djidjo
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    Shining in the Darkness - Genesis

    Hi folks, I cant' figure out what it is and how to use it, maybe you know : in the first labyrinth in Shining in the Darkness, there is something that looks like an open chest. The GIF map from gamefaqs says it's a "pool", so it must be useful, i suppose it restores HP or sth like that. But...
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    Saturn Xplorer ????

    Saturn Xplorer on ebay France Looking at the picture, it seems it's just a sticker on a normal Saturn. Ever heard of this ? Thanks ! Djidjo
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    Do you know this game ?

    Iron & Blood : Warriors of RavenLoft it's not in gamefaqs nor in and vgrebirth is down now. I found one good and one poor review. What's your opinion ? Thanks ! Djidjo
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    Most wanted Saturn games ?

    Hi folks, I'd like you to share your opinion about the Saturn games that still sell on high price today. Here's what I think : - Most Wanted - - Radiant Silvergun - Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru - Panzer Dragoon Saga (US or PAL) - Albert Odyssey US - Dragon Force (US or PAL) - Shining...
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    Hi folks, I just discovered Trade Games, and I was wondering if it's possible for european (or better, french) people to use it. In general, did some of you use it ? Does it work ? Thanks ! Djidjo
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    Here are some Saturn game deals...

    Here are some games I saw on sale : Bubble Symphony 40.00Euro Melty Lancer: Ginga Shoujo Keisatsu 2086 21.00Euro Metal Black - Sega Saturn Best 42.00Euro Tenchi O Kuraau 2 49.00Euro Waku Waku 7 (RAM Pack) 40.00Euro Dungeons & Dragons Collection (RAM Pack) 114.00Euro Keio...