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    Resident Evil CODE: Veronica

    I think it was a great game, just finished the gc version and i loved it, but I don't cry for beating the game, now i got re 4 ;-)
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    Sega planning yet another 'Shining' series game!

    Sega planning yet another 'Shining' series game! Let's just hope they will release it on Gamecube as well and not just on the all to horrible PS2
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    Resident Evil 4

    In your face Sony! Serves you right goddammit. Gamecube rules! :P
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    Shining Force III

    A superb game that i played for hours and hours. Just a shame that scenario 2+3 never were translated. :(
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    New PSC News!

    I personally think (like i always do) that it sucks big time for it only to be released on the ps2 and not on the GC. Blarrg for SEGA. :huh
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    Phantasy Star Universe Info!

    I'll add a boo to that too, it really sucks that the only platform SEGA seems to be releasing new games on is the ps2. Gamecube anyone?
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    Altered Beast!

    They probably won't include any of those things, they should've stuck with the medieval/fantasy theme instead of making it a future game....booo! :huh
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    Good news for you Shining Force fans!

    I think it really SUCKS that all nice titles from Sega are coming out only for the PS-crap, what about us Cube-owners?
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    Resident Evil 4

    Yeah, it would suck big time if they made it come out on ps2 and the ugly green box. Go ninty, go ninty! ;)
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    GENESIS with Hard disk/cdrom drive

    One of the game copiers that you're talking about was called "Super magic drive", I got mine about 11 years ago
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    Beats of Rage

    Then there's no real good reason why the original characters aren't in the game, right? Is this game a one-on-one or is it like the other sor-series?
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    Zelda Collectors Edition CD

    Here in Sweden , if you become a member of the swedish nintendo club for about 17 $ a year, you get the disc for free!
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    Merry Christmas All!

    And a very merry christmas to you too, mr Ice! :lol:
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    Anyone get any cool new GC games lately?

    Ooops, forgot to login ;)
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    QuackShot Starring Donald Duck

    Quackshot had one of the best soundtracks (i m o) for a game on the Megadrive. Regarding sequals to Castle of Illusion, I think the sequal was called "World of Illusion" starring Mickey & Donald. I just loved when Mickey said;"Alakazaam!!" :D
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    zombie revenge

    Yeah I agree, it's a fun game. Chaos and zombie mutilating with an electric drill hehe.... :lol:
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    The Obsidian emulator

    I wouldn't say a bad hack, since the music and fx are WAY better than on the smashpack, but still as you say....someone should port Gens to DC...please
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    The Obsidian emulator

    I just got hold of the megadrive emulator for Dreamcast and tried it a couple of times. That which made me very happy was that it was virtually perfect graphically and fast, but the sound wasn't as good. It wasn't just the soundeffects that were bad, it was the music too but it varied from time...
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    Thanks! I'll try it
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    I'm also playing PSO, haven't got that far though. Can anyone help me on how to assign other techniques than FOI to the blue button? I just can't get it to work, I have to press Start > technique > and then choose the appropiate one. Sadly the game came without a manual since I bought it secondhand.