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    ShenSonic Full-version!

    Some people mayby remember ShenSonic, I have posted sometimes about it`s demos here... ShenSonic is a Sonic the Hedgehog fan-game that I made based on the Shenmue series at Dreamcast. I made it for almost 2 years, and ppl say that they can see it! Features of the ShenSonic full-version 1.1...
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    Shensonic demo3

    ------------------------------ Upgraded Version Demo 2.1 -> 3.0 ------------------------------ New Things in this Demo version: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1)Second save slot is now available! It easiers the playing... 2)More of the story, Demo3 includes the whole "Disc 1" of...
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    Dc games on pc?

    I remember reading from eg. died mag DC-UK that there would come a DC PCI card from Sega that you could play DC games on PC...true? has it came?
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    ShenSonic Demo2.1 available!

    New Things in this Demo version: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1)Skip text- feature is now available! Not on cut-scenes though. 2)A bit more of the story 3)Some bugs fixed 4)The first free fights! 5)One new mini-game, spray graffits 6)Little changes, the music in the first screen, you...
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    Saturn Bomberman

    Yeah, it has awesome multiplayer! :))
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    ShenSonic homepage now working! :)

    now go and download Demo2! ;)
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    Download ShenSonic Demo2!

    Download Demo2: Needed DLL`s, to Windows/System: Info: Try it out! :)