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    What is the official segacuemaker site

    Can someone please link me to the official site please
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    What is the official segacuemaker site

    Can someone please link me to the official site please
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    What is the other name for bari-arm

    What is the other name for Bari-arm ?
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    Something to copy games to cds ?

    I seen a weird thing on ebay for genesis .. i forgot the name .. but the guy didnt put any description for it .. just said if u know what this thing for, bid .. if not .. then dont bid. It was about 34 dollars last time I checked. I searched the net and found out that this thing copies genesis...
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    Need some info

    I collected a few bucks to buy some stuff to improve my sega genesis collection. I have a jvc x'eye system and need some info about it. First, I know that each sega cd system has Bios .. Europe, Japan, and USA ... the jvc x'eye has some special bios with an x in the middle when it starts...
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    The aiwa mega cd portable radio/cd player!

    I was checking ebay for sega stuff and I found this item this is weird isnt it ?
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    Whats phillips cd-i ?

    Can someone explain what this is .. I saw a few pics and want to know what is it ..
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    Need help

    There is a problem with my Jvc X'EYE I traded a psx for it with a guy and it worked well. All the Sega Genesis games worked with no problem. I tried some CD's too .. Prince of Persia, Sonic CD, and Final Fight .. all of them worked with no problems. Now I downloaded Lunar - The Silver Star...
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    Help about burning sega cd files

    I need to know what format the mp3 files should be on the cd to play correctly in a sega cd system .. What do I need to do and what tools I need for that .. thanx
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    Congrats for movie section

    Congrats for movie section to the staff and all segaxtreme .. I am glad I had at least a small part of making this place get better .. I will try to get more space soon to make the section bigger.
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    What is a video ribbon ?

    whats that and how much does it cost to replace it and where from?
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    Need help with my sega nomad

    Hello, I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, I didnt find a Sega Nomad forum. Anyway I have this little problem. I bought a Sega Nomad with an AV adaptor for $19 .. This was a good offer and I couldnt let it go. Everything works fine, but there is one problem. There is a line in...
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    Read this is you need some webspace

    Hello, I have 500 megs of webspace, and I dont use that space. I can host boards, pages, and some files. You will have a separate FTP Login and I will make MySQL Database and username. Space does not have any popups or banners. I cant host ISO's or any big files. I already have two boards...