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    What does the official VGA adapter look like

    I was just wondering what the official VGA adapter looks like mainly what the box looks like as i cant remember what it looks like, is it the same as the one in this picture (sorry I know its a very small pic) I think the one in this review is...
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    More UK sanyo board modding woes

    I know its a silly question but when your saturn loads up to the control panal have you tried opening the lid then closing it again? You probably have tried it but thats what i have to do on mine (not that my saturn has a sanyo board) but once i open and close the lid the saturn reads the disc...
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    Successful 64pin mod!!

    It did get quite hot but i dont think i fried it. Its weird because once the games have loaded it plays for as long as i want fine without going to standby, its just when the saturn title screen comes up it goes to standby and then when the game title screen is loading and it does it on...
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    Successful 64pin mod!!

    If alarix is about id just like to thankyou seeing your success finally got me to properly have a go at moddding my 64 pin saturn and it works although i have the same problem where i need to open the lid and close it for it to read the disc. ALso did u have any problem with the tv being turned...
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    Weird result with mod chip!!

    Ok ive almost sorted it out now, after reading the other posts saying about the saturn loading saying disc not suitable people said they opened the lid and closed and it worked well that works for me :) so i know the mod chip is working nowalthough it always seems to load up saying disc...
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    Weird result with mod chip!!

    I bought my mod chip from here and as far as i can see have the same saturn as alarix in this post so have tried putting the mod chip in the same way as he did. When ever the saturn loads it turns my tv...
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    How to mod a 21 pin Saturn

    Hi, sorry to sound like a newb but where is the manufactur date on a saturn, cos im trying to buy a 32pin saturn off ebay as im having trouble modding my 64 pin, i have emailed some1 who has told me he has a few saturns and he could send me the serial numbers, but was going to ask him to send...
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    best place to buy a modchip

    Ok ill have a go, but u got know idea which mod would be better to try? Suppose ill just buy 1 try it and if it doesnt work try the other, i can always sell 1 if it doesnt work :) or keep it incase i get another saturn :) Ill keep u posted if i can get it to work
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    best place to buy a modchip

    Damn :( think im goin to have to get a different saturn and make sure its a 32 pin then. Maybe i wont be buying a mod chip then racketboy :( Thanx for help
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    best place to buy a modchip

    So will i need a V2 mod for my saturn cos it has a 64 pin chip? on the uk site that sells the V2 mods, it says the V1 may work on a 64 pin chip but it might not, and that the v2 will work with 64 pin chips but may not be 100% compatible with all saturns. Any idea which is more likely to work my...
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    best place to buy a modchip

    Ok ill have a look ill order 1 anyway when u get them in stock and see what i can do hopefully i should get it working. Any ideas when ull be getting them in?
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    Post Your Saturn Mod Chip Finds

    Hey im in the Uk and was just wondering if the UK site with V2 mods on was safe to order from has any1 ordered and recived the goods? cos im thinking of ordering from there. Thanx Lid
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    best place to buy a modchip

    Ok one slight problem, i just took the top of my saturn and i forgot that this 1 is a 64 pin so will the chip your getting still work racketboy? and has any1 a 64pin saturn modded the way mal said about without having to solder to the chip cos i havent got a chance if i have to do that lol :(
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    best place to buy a modchip

    Ok cool thanx for the help :) how much will u be selling them for racketboy? and will u be able to ship to the uk? If u let me know when u have them or post a message here ill buy 1 :)
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    best place to buy a modchip

    Hi im a bit new to modding saturns, been meaning to do it for ages bu tnever got round to it so i been using the swap trick but im fed up now lol. Are all the sites in this thread safe to order from? has any1 had any problems with any1 other than lan kwei? Also does make any difference what...
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    Shining force 3 prob

    Thats sounds weird, im not sure about the US version but it works on the UK PAL version, because i played the UK scen 1 and saved it and it allowed me to continue with that save into scen 3. Hope u work something out :)
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    What is the worst control pad....

    I dont really know any pads i didnt like but i got to disagre with the people saying the N64 pad is the worstalways thought it was a great pad Heres sme comments on others: I love the DC pad and Saturn nights pad but the DC should have 6 buttons on front. Snes and Megadive were nice to. I do...
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    Loading Problem

    I have been using the swap trick for ages now and have many backuped up games which work great, i recently lent a friend Radient Silvergun and Panzer Dragoon saga which work fine on my saturn but will not work on his, he is also using thw swap trick and has other backuped up games from me which...
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    shining Force 3 Scen 1?

    Not much of a problem just a question, When u split ur Force up for the battle at the dam do u split the force urself or r they automatically plit into 2 groups. If u do it urself whats the best people to have in each team, i looke don sme walkthrough sites but they dont say much. Also when...
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    Heros Test

    Thanx man i kinda used the same tactics as i did the first time i played it but made sure i bunched my charcters together so the skull mages attacks werent so damaging but the High Priests spark can hit alot of characters when bunched up but it wasnt too bad. If anyone wants to know some tips...