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    Dreamcast 2 ?

    Is the Dreamcast 2 just a rumor. I've read that it is. But maybe someone can tell me theres a chance. Or at least some type of new Sega console.
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    Anyone selling a Sega CD?

    Ok i need to get a Sega Cd i've been seeing way too many cool games for this thing. Anyone selling?
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    Watch Me on TV Tonight !!!!

    Watch Online Nation tonight at 7:30 on the CW. I'm on this episode. During the Office Romance segment of the show. I'll be the one swinging his arms around like crazy in a office. And my character Simmins Dupont has a bumper that will show up at some point during the episode. Watch for him! I...
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    I need help finding a Genesis game.

    Does anyone know if there is a game similar to PSX's "Discworld" or sega CD's"Dragons Lair" for Genesis. Any game that is a "Click on items and choose your path" type game for the Genesis. If so I'd love to know. I'm not sure if Dragons lair was like that but for some reason i think it was so...