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    What does the official VGA adapter look like

    I was just wondering what the official VGA adapter looks like mainly what the box looks like as i cant remember what it looks like, is it the same as the one in this picture (sorry I know its a very small pic) I think the one in this review is...
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    Weird result with mod chip!!

    I bought my mod chip from here and as far as i can see have the same saturn as alarix in this post so have tried putting the mod chip in the same way as he did. When ever the saturn loads it turns my tv...
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    Loading Problem

    I have been using the swap trick for ages now and have many backuped up games which work great, i recently lent a friend Radient Silvergun and Panzer Dragoon saga which work fine on my saturn but will not work on his, he is also using thw swap trick and has other backuped up games from me which...
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    shining Force 3 Scen 1?

    Not much of a problem just a question, When u split ur Force up for the battle at the dam do u split the force urself or r they automatically plit into 2 groups. If u do it urself whats the best people to have in each team, i looke don sme walkthrough sites but they dont say much. Also when...
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    Heros Test

    Im doing the heros test on SHining Force part 3 part 1 and im on the last bit with the skull mage i have had too goes at it and did ok the first time but lost alot of characters so started from my save at the start of that level. Has anyone got any hints to completing this without losing too...
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    Does burning at max speed sometimes mess up the copy, cos i always copy the games at 8 speed when im going to use them n the saturn, but i burned bomberman on Max which is 16 by accident and when i put it in im ready to perform the swap trick, but the cd doesnt change speed and then the settings...
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    Dracular x?

    I got dracular X and its quite a cool game, except for slowdown, but its japanese and i was wondering if it came out anywhere else i know it wouldnt come out in europe but maybe america.
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    General burning?

    Just a general question about CD buring, i have been burning cd's for ages now, and i have alwys stopped doing things on the computer while i burn a CD. I have an LG writer which has bufferunderrun protection, and was wondering if its ok to download and upload and stuff like that while i burn a...
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    I use FTP's and Direct Connect and there both great, but whats the easiest way to access newsgroups, because i have heared lots of people say they are excellent. Is there a good program that works best, anyone know any good newsgroups for Satrn stuff?
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    Shining force weapon levels

    I didnt know much about the weapon levels at the start of the game, and i have kept synbios using a sword untill recently when i got a the Luster Blade ns started using that, but not for long cos i then got the Phoenix Sword. I was just wondering how long it takes to get weapon level ups...
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    Shenmue saturn argument

    I friend of mine told me bout saturn shenmue after completing shenmue 2. I know it was in development and have seen pictures, but im sure it was never released. He seems to think it was released but only in japan. Could anyone put an end to the dispute. and if it was released is there anywhere i...
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    Shining force 3 promtion?

    I have read in a guide that you shouldnt promote ur characters as soon as they reach level 10, is this true and if it is why should you wait as i just promoted Dantres at level 10 before i red the guide. Also i have the Dark Ring from after the fight with the vandal, because it is cursed is it...
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    4in1 or 5in1

    Is there a company in the UK which sells 4in1 carts, if not would it be likely to have lots of import tax put on it if ordered form lik-sang.
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    Virtua racing

    Ijust got Virtua Racing for the saturn, and i can reember i had it for the MegaDrive a very very long time ago and maybe it was just because i was young but the graphics on the MegaDrive version seemed better than the saturn. Is this true, does anyone have some pics of the MEgaDrive one?
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    Is there a good place to get saturn covers an FTP or a web site, i found some but there isnt many.
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    Steep Slope Sliders question

    I have seen Steep Slope SLiders on an FTP and there is 1 RAR file about 6.21MB and the rest of the files are MP3's is this right, because 6.21MB isnt very big i didnt know if it was complete.
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    60Hz 50Hz?

    If i have a pal saturn and want to play USA/JAP saturn backups, if i use the country converter on the iso file as long as my TV supports 60Hz willl the games work with t the swap trick. Plz say it does
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    Saturn review sites

    Are there any good sites with reviews of sega saturn games, cos i got lots of sega saturn mags but there buried somwhere in my room. I like ign but it has no saturn.
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    Capcom Generations?

    On an FTP there are 5 capcom generations, i know 1 of them had Ghouls and Ghosts The other had 1942 and 1943 i think. What have the other ones goton them, and r they any good? I love old games
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    Write Speed

    Everyone on the mssg bpard says to write at 4x for saturn games, but the lowest mine will go in nero is 8x is this ok, i burn dreamcast games at 12x and they work.