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    How to make cheat patches for megacd games?

    You can use a memory editor or a debugger inside a emu to cheat in megacd games but how exactly does one turn that into a working .ips file that you can then patch your iso with for use on the real hardware?. If anyone with the knowledge could write a straight forward tutorial for how to do...
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    The thread where we collect Gameshark/Action Replay sites. I used to have a japanese site that had some codes for rare jap games that aren't on the western...
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    Everyone who speaks French check this thread! somebody translate this page into english.
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    Hacking Konami Antiques Collection?

    Has anyone looked into how "Konami Antiques: MSX Collection Ultra Pack" works? it feels as if its just a emu and some roms slapped on a disc , and a pretty good emu at that since it runs everything flawless.
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    Games that support the microphone?

    Anyone know how many games there are on DC that supported the microphone?. The ones I know are: Seaman Seaman Christmas Disc (very rare but now also useless since the servers are gone) Nippon Pro Mahjong Renmei Dankurai Nintei : Heisei Mahjong-Shou Alien Front Online Planet Ring (now...
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    Ntsc Sega cdx+Pal 32x = Works?

    Can you use a Pal 32x on a Ntsc Sega cdx without fucking things up?
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    Yet another Megadrive/Genesis Handheld

    Source: Similar devices that has come out the past months/years: And...
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    Eyeful Home & Heim Waltz

    Eyeful Home & Heim Waltz Has anyone played any of these two games? they're supposedly the most rare games on Sega Saturn since they were never for sale but given away for free as a promo and theres only 100 or 50 copies made.
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    Aquaria "the new ecco" for PC:)

    Get the demo!: (63meg) - theres mirrors on the official page if this one is slow for you. Youtube: Official Homepage:
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    Miburi & Teburi (2008, Wii)

    Miburi & Teburi (2008, Wii) Weird ass game by Sega for wii:) Trailer:
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    Valkyria Gallian Chronicles - Senjou no Valkyria (PS3, 2008)

    Official Site: Trailer:
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    Yabause in action on Psp :)

    (Blurry picture of Radiant Silvergun in action taken with my crappy digicam :) ) Chilly Willy has released a minor update of the yabause port for PSP and now you can actually boot games. You have to rename the .cue file of your game to saturn.cue and the bios file has to be named saturn.bin...
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    Golden Axe: Beast Riders (2008, PS3/360)

    youtube: Source:
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    Phantasy Star Universe Set for PSP

    Source: Personally I prefer the none-online Phantasy Star games from the 8/16bit days so i can't say i'm excited but i'm sure theres somebody out there that is:)
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    Nights remake supposedly coming out for PS2 2008

    Not 100% sure but supposedly Sega will release a PS2 version of NiGHTS into Dreams in Japan on February 21, 2008, a remake of the first NiGHTS game for Sega Saturn. Most likely it will be a part of the Ages collection.
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    Viking: Battle for Asgard (PS3/360 , 2008) Was announced back in august but yesterday a trailer came out for it and it looks promising:)
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    Telenet Japan closes its doors. Wolf Team was a part of Telenet Japan until they got independent 1987. They were responsible for the following games on segas systems: Published Game Gear Zan Gear Genesis Gaiares Syd of Valis The Tennis Tournament: Grandslam...
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    Asuka 120% Limit Over (Japanese Hack)

    I recently stumbled over this on a torrent community so i'm just gonna paste what the poster said: This is really cool , considering how isolated japanese people are on the internet i wonder what more hacks of saturn games there might be out there..
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    Action Replay / Game Genie codes for Megacd?

    Is it possible to make codes for megacd games that you could use with the Game Genie or Action Replay carts for megadrive? If not how hard would it be to code simple trainers that you could patch the isos with?:)
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    Building a saturn floppy drive cable?

    Theoretically if someone made schematics for this cable would it be possible to build one and then use it with any floppy drive laying around?. Info: Name: Sega Saturn FDD Operator Sega Saturn Floppy Disc Drive Operator...