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    The Obsidian emulator

    I just got hold of the megadrive emulator for Dreamcast and tried it a couple of times. That which made me very happy was that it was virtually perfect graphically and fast, but the sound wasn't as good. It wasn't just the soundeffects that were bad, it was the music too but it varied from time...
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    To everyone who can afford to buy an it! I purchased it with an DC adapter 3 months ago and it's just wonderful. Very recommended indeed! P.S. They now have a smaller and cheaper 1p-joystick.
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    Weird audio track!

    A while ago, someone ripped Image Fight & X multiply for the Saturn. I wonder if anyone remembers who did the rip, cause one of the audio tracks had some reggae-clips in it! Very cool ones too, and I would like to know who those reggae artists are. It's kinda hard to find out since it's only...
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    The Best emulators for DC

    Hello all, a long time since I posted here, cool to see things are the same Anyways, my question (as titled in the subject) is which emulators work 100 % speed for the DC (or near 100%)? I was thinking of emulators for nes, master system, megadrive, snes or any other arcade emulators. Thanks...
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    Spikeout on dreamcast?

    The best fighting game i've ever played was Spikeout which came out a few years ago. What disappointed me was that there wasn't a dreamcast port of it. But just recently i read that there may a dc port of the game, and probably a sequel in the arcades. Does anyone know if this is true or just a...
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    My own Dreamcast!! Wohooo

    Hi all, i'm so excited. On friday i'm picking up a dc with 2 controllers and an extra memory card for just 25$!! It's not brand new, but in very good shape. Now it's finally time for me to enter the world of dc gaming. *running around in happiness*
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    Winter's coming....

    Well, anyone else feel depressed that summer passed on? Here in Sweden the weather is f--ked up, last night it was -2 degrees C !! #### season.