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  1. cafe-alpha

    Action Replay 1MB/4MB "automatic" switch

    Some earlier Action Replay cartridge models had a physical switch to select RAM mode, but recent ones are advertised as automatically selecting it, which is not technically documented. So does anyone have some technical informations (which register to write, etc) about how to configure expansion...
  2. cafe-alpha

    About cheat codes implementation in Action Replay firmware

    I'm currently implementing cheat codes behavior as described in yabause wiki : master codes with C30x opcode patch code at specified address (06000914, 06000924, etc), and when this interrupt is triggered, I overwrite memory with value set in selected cheat code(s). Currently, some (few) games...
  3. cafe-alpha

    Looking for 20/21 pins flat cable header

    I'm looking for header where to plug CD-ROM unit's flat cable (= used in CD-ROM board, Saturn's motherboard, mochips, or ODE) ... does anyone has an idea to get its part number ? This is for reverse engineering purpose, in order to improve yabause development.
  4. cafe-alpha

    Problems with UBC sometimes not triggering correctly

    I'm trying to setup UBC in order to make it triggering at the beginning of BUP_Init function : /* UBC setup : address we want to hook. */ BARA = (unsigned long)BUP_LIB_ADDRESS; /* UBC setup : address mask. */ BAMRA = 0; /* No address mask. */ /* UBC setup : break condition. */...
  5. cafe-alpha

    Saturn VDP technical documents in Japanese ?

    Is there technical documents (especially the ones regarding VDPs) available in Japanese ? I'm asking this because translation is sometimes unclear in English version of theses documents. I can re-translate some parts of the docs (not everything :D) if needed. (Organizing everything about VDPs...
  6. cafe-alpha

    Weird behavior of register read on custom cartridge

    I'm currently making a custom cartridge with a CPLD connected in a similar way as FT245RL in USB dev cart (= D0-D7 lines + few address lines + RD/WR0 connected to CPLD). I implemented a (very) simple register I/O module in the CPLD, and the first 2 bytes of the register map return respectively...
  7. cafe-alpha

    Parameter and register ID

    Sorry for this simple question. In assembly, just after BUP_Init is called, where (=which register ?) do address of tp is stored ? #ifndef __GNUC__ #define BUP_Init ((void (*)(Uint32 *lib,Uint32 *work,BupConfig tp[3])) (BUP_LIB_ADDRESS)) #else #define BUP_Init ((void (*)(volatile...
  8. cafe-alpha

    Memory allocator : bget or slob ?

    In today's Saturn libraries (libyaul, iapetus), slob is used as memory allocator, while good old program made by Rockin-B around 10 years ago use bget -> what do you think about theses memory allocators ?
  9. cafe-alpha

    Partition in backup devices

    I have some questions about usage of partition in backup devices ... I would be glad if a BUP library guru could help me :) BUP_Init return a table of available backup devices, and the partition count for each devices : typedef struct BupConfig{     Uint16    unit_id;    /* ユニットID (unit ID) */...
  10. cafe-alpha

    Adding SRAM to USB dev cart

    Hello and happy new year I am currently trying to add and use 128KB SRAM chip to a modified USB dev cart. (The reason to add SRAM is to use it in order to store temporary data for another module on the cartridge, not described here.) I use a Cypress 128KB, 16 bits SRAM chip. You can find...
  11. cafe-alpha

    Communicate with DB25-free Action Replay ?

    Hello everybody, I have a question about Saturn's Action Replay cartridge modification. I got an Action Replay without DB25 port on it and I would like to make it communicating with my PC. There is no need to replicate the "byte exchange protocol" used by action replay's firmware. Instead, I...
  12. cafe-alpha

    Get internal clock date and time ?

    Hello, When saving data to backup RAM, it is possible to specify backup save time, so that I would like to set it to Saturn's date and time ... I think corresponding function may be hidden somewhere in SBL's documentation or header files, but I couldn't find it so far, so does anyone know how...
  13. cafe-alpha

    [Howto]Compile yabause under windows

    For those who want to compile yabause under windows, there is an howto on the yabause wiki in order to setup the compile environment from scratch. And for those who want to easily setup the compile environment, you simply need to extract the following archive to your C:\dev directory. (This is...
  14. cafe-alpha

    Is there someone to save my ARP ?

    It seems I accidentally broke my ARP: I wanted to remove it from my Saturn, but I forgot to turn off it before. As a consequence, the flash ROM can't be read normally : bytes at even address are filled with random values. -> As an example, see the image here. By luck, as "SEGA SEGASATURN "...
  15. cafe-alpha

    [help]Precautions to take with SBL source code

    I would like to release the source code of my Saturn project, which includes the following parts: #1. Original code from me. #2. Public domain code/libraries. #3. Library under GPL version 2. #4. Saturn Initial Program ("IP.BIN") source code. #5. Header and C files from SBL. As I want...
  16. cafe-alpha

    Some informations about ExSTAND ?

    Hello, I would like to connect my Saturn to my PC, but unfortunately, my DataLink doesn't seems to work. As a workaround, I plan to build a Freewing. After purchasing the required parts for it, I discovered the "yano/ExSTAND", and I would like to know more about it. Here are my questions ...