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  1. Mr^Burns

    SegaXtreme Members Sega Music Videos from Ages Past

    Thanks for uploading, I love fragments from early 2000s internet
  2. Mr^Burns

    I post pictures from the discord that I find interesting here

    A beautiful painting by sx member Erik
  3. Mr^Burns

    Remastering old anime

    Dang I don't have my account anymore
  4. Mr^Burns

    [Saturn] Tamagotchi Park - save game restore/dump?

    Excellent work, another custom cart we can scratch from the list!
  5. Mr^Burns

    Remastering old anime

    You should register to Cinemageddon tracker, they have a lot of still on laserdisc-only rips that would be good candidates for AI remastering.
  6. Mr^Burns

    Anime is dead, I only watch golden age anime 1978-2001

    Quite the setup ! Yeah kodi pirate add-ons are hit or miss and tend to get outdated too fast, just easier to visit the site that the plugin scrapes from
  7. Mr^Burns

    Doom 32X: Resurrection

    "The goal of the project is to have a code base from which a playable version of DOOM for the Sega 32X platform could be compiled. It is primarily focused on preservation and education but also on fixing the original game's idiosyncrasies and improving performance." Source: viciious/d32xr
  8. Mr^Burns

    Anime is dead, I only watch golden age anime 1978-2001

    What kind of device do you watch your anime on, just a pc or a popcorn hour, raspberry pi?
  9. Mr^Burns

    Do you think Vbt should change his Avatar?

  10. Mr^Burns

    Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity English Translation

    "Hello! Welcome to the public release of our English localization patch of Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity (PSPo2I), a project over half a decade in the making. For those who aren't familiar with them, PSPo and PSPo2 were games released on the Playstation Portable which were ARPGs that had MMO...
  11. Mr^Burns

    Shinobi (unofficial Megadrive/Genesis port) WIP Beta 3.0

    "This is an unofficial project, created by someone called Tryphon, to see if the MegaDrive was capable of doing a decent port of the Sega System 16 board classic. I think the results speak for themselves! Absolutely amazing job in replicating the look, sound and feel of the original 1980's...
  12. Mr^Burns

    Phantasy Star retranslation 2.00 released

    "We are proud to announce the release of version 2.00 of our long-in-production translation patch for Phantasy Star. This patch retranslates the original Japanese game to give a whole host of improvements: • More faithful to the original Japanese script • Expanded script • Expanded menus and...
  13. Mr^Burns

    Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, a snes rpg released in 1999 Crazy late quality release for the Snes
  14. Mr^Burns

    The Rarest Wii Games Ever Released?

  15. Mr^Burns

    NEW IPS Kit for the WonderSwan Color is “Wondrous”!

  16. Mr^Burns

    Anime is dead, I only watch golden age anime 1978-2001

    I can't stand new anime, I consider Patlabor 3 or Cowboy Bebop The Movie to be the last golden age anime production marking an end around 2001.