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    As seen on TV, Film and Theater

    The new drew carrey episodes have him with a Dreamcast, and wyane's world featured my favorite ad of a all - the sonic 1 commercial
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    Phantasy Star 1 !!!!

    Listen dude, i'm heavy on nastalgia too (####, i had to build a mame arcade machine to get the "full effect" of fantasy zone) but didn't you hear what I said? You can simply open up the cartridge and plug it into the sms and play it. Oh, and I hate to break it to you, but almost every 1 player...
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    favorite system in the 80s

    hands down, no contest. My first console, and still my favorite - The SMS. Still works and kicks ass (out run kicks the #### out of rad racer anyday).
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    Phantasy Star IV

    either Shining force II or Lunar SS gets the title of Best RPG ever.... however, the wonderboy Series 0wns all other action RPGs.
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    Phantasy Star 1 !!!!

    The genesis version is simply the SMS version in a special adapter (inside the cartridge) that puts the genesis into sms mode, similar to that the powerbase converter. I've heard that you can even open up the game, and take out the PS1 chip and play it on the SMS.
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    l.e.d. sucka!!!!

    you have to copy the URL and put a space after .jpg to make them work, arakon. It's because of Geocities.
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    Power Base Converter

    i have 3 card games - Ghost house, Transbot, and Falcon f-16... card games were smaller (physically and data wise) but cost way les (~$20 new). Also, the CD Glasses interfaced with the SMS with the card slot (i love my 3d glasses)
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    Next Gen magazine RIP?

    and i love their original ad... "this is a bible [picture of holy bible]... so is this [picture of next gen issue 1]". THey will definatly be missed. RIP, ol' friend...
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    Lamers on EBAY

    its not that hard to do. Personally, I believe that it is a pirate. I've seen US DBZ HD for the snes at a local import before... why couldn't the same thing happen for the nes?
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    Dreamcast Rush

    I think target is selling a dc, 59.99, with an nextra controller, VMU, and 3 games. Kewl... i'm gonna pick it up.
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    Anime suggestion?

    not one person has mentioned Neon Genesis evangelion?! Impossible!! Also, sword of the Beserk, Trigun, and Tenchi Myuo are very good anime.
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    The Compaq E-190 series are very good pocket PCs... nothing like watching a few Eva .AVI episodes on the road. Only problem? Video play back sucks, its pretty slow, and kinda expensive. Hold off on buying the Pocket PC's, cuz they'll undoubtedly get fast, cheaper, and better.
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    Dreamcast Rush

    <pity>Oh my god Fabrizo... I'm so sorry... no person should be deprived of the SMS. You truely are unlucky...</pity>
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    Listen to this deal: $69, 1 dreamcast, 2 controllers, NFL 2K1, WSB 2K1, NBA 2K1, 1 memory card. Awsome deal... I might get that to have a spare DC... Plus, it's all brand new! oh, and to shoot down the hopes of that jackass, YOU CAN'T PLAY BURNED GAMES ON A DC UNLESS IT WAS MADE BEFORE OCT...
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    Dreamcast Rush

    I play my sms every day... it kicks soooo much ass.
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    Was this Saturn game ever released?

    I know it was released on the PC, but I didn't even know it was planned for the saturn
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    SNK, we will miss you.

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    what games are good for 3do

    return fire... ultimate party game... or was that for the jaguar... gotta go search through my extensive game collections to make sure which system it's for...
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    Heh... i've infected the boards... i'm the new post on every board but 4..
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    Saturn 3D controller

    I always thought it was for puzzling people years in the future.