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    Today's lecture topic

    "It is impossible to devise an experiment that determines whether you are at rest or moving uniformly." Discuss.
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    Tri-wing screws?

    Anyone know of a good way to get tri-wing screws (the kind used on e.g. Gameboy and DS) out using something more readily available than a tri-wing driver?
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    Saturn cartridge shells?

    Anyone know of a source for Saturn-compatible cartridge shells, or how I might be able to get them made cheaply? The cost of injection mold tooling is way out of my price range. I thought it might be feasible to do it with some creative extrusion or thermoforming, but I don't have pricing info...
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    Worst forum idiocy?

    Just wondering. :huh
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    MoD's new Saturn/Sega CD parallel protocol

    MoD's new Saturn/Sega CD parallel protocol This thread Seems like there should be a way to "cross-post" this, but since I can't find it, this is just a redirect for people who are only/primarily interested in Saturn dev.
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    Interviews a-plenty

    IGN chats with Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto and Zelda: Twilight Princess director Eiji Aonuma, and recaps a Seattle Post-Intelligencer interview with Nintendo President Satoru Iwata.
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    New 2D Mario for DS

    The Magic Box reports that Nintendo has announced a new Mario game for DS. The twist? It's the first new 2D Mario game in quite a while...
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    Ongoing coverage of the Nintendo Conference

    IGN has ongoing coverage of the Nintendo press conference that is currently underway. Direct quotes are sparse, so this should be seen as preliminary info, but some interesting bits are in there, including Iwata apparently saying that you will be able to get every Nintendo game ever made on...
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    News? What's that?

    Hi, Ex-Cyber (or ExCyber, thanks to the limitations of IkonBoard/IPB) here. You might see some news from me if I can manage to click Refresh faster than Ice.
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    Best Castlevania Secondary Weapon

    Classic weapons only. Conventional wisdom says that the cross owns all, but I'm not convinced.
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    Yuji Naka Interview

    The Next Level has interviewed Sonic Team's Yuji Naka. The interview touches on Sonic Heroes, PSO, Astro Boy, and Naka's now-infamous Famicom emulator, among other things.
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    What lives at E0000000?

    Is there a secret chunk of RAM or ROM or something at E0000000-E0000FFF? The range seems to be completely undocumented in the SH7604 manual, and I've seen some code that appears to reference this area. When I say "completely undocumented", I mean that it's not mentioned at all in the memory map...
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    GBA Lighting

    I had assumed that Triton Labs had stopped shipping Afterburner kits because of HK clones, but it seems like nobody's selling any frontlight kits now. I know that the SP is probably a factor, but I'd rather keep the original GBA form factor and standard battery compatibility (especially now that...
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    Xbox controller recommendations?

    Okay, so far I've gone through three Xbox controllers, and all of them took less than 3 months to have something on them wear out, and AFAICT I'm not really abusing them or anything (it may be worth noting that I've had zero problems with my Dreamcast and GC pads): Original MS Pad: R trigger...
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    Power Memory questions

    Anyone know what the cartridge ID is for the Power Memory cartridge (official Sega cart)? It's not hard to get, it should be a constant byte at 0x24FFFFFF. Also, does anyone know if the cart contains code, or if there are any docs floating around on the cart specifically (I'm beginning to...
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    Parallel port AR mod

    I don't know how many hardware-oriented folks are here, so I don't know how useful this post will be, but... I'm getting kind of tired of burning CDs for all my testing, so I'm hoping to modify my AR to be usable with a standard ECP/EPP parallel port. This involves mitigating certain...
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    Music suggestions?

    I'm going to violate one of my sacred personal traditions :hehehe: and actually start a thread in the General forum, as I've been thinking about something lately: I've been having a bit of trouble finding new music to listen to that's not total crap. As most in the US are well aware, our radio...
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    Someone with a Satellite / ST-Key and multimeter

    Could someone with access to an ST-Key or Satellite cartridge please open it up, and if it contains a pair of 32-pin flash chips, tell me where pins 22, 24, and 31 are routed?
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    Alien Soldier

    One of Treasure's less-played gems. Arguably an acquired taste, but the design and play are brilliant if you're up to the challenge...
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    I'm moving to Illinois tomorrow. I probably won't be on for at least a few days, but I mostly just wanted to mention this because it also means that my IP address will be changing radically. So admins/moderators: you see someone coming out of Peoria claiming to be Ex-Cyber in a few days, that's...