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    All right, I'm finally getting my Xbox 360 in a few weeks, and I want to collect all my friends gamertags. So, what are all yours? Looking forward to playing some of you in VF5 come October 31. :D
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    Model 1 Sega CD Problem.

    I just bought a Model 1 Sega CD, and it doesn't want to read any discs. It just keeps spitting them back out, and doesn't even try to spin the disc at all. Oh and the access light is always constantly blinking. It even ejects the disc drive when there's a cartridge on the system. Any idea what...
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    Two dreams come true, in the span of only a few days...

    So I'm surfing Digital Press late last week, and notice a year and half old thread in the Buy/Sell/Trade section. A guy was selling a Model 1 Mega CD, in box and everything, for only $30! Noticing the thread had been bumped recently, I figure "Why the hell not? It's most likely been sold...
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    Never thought it'd happen to me...

    Well, this is something I thought would never happen, but did today. My Mega CD (Model 2) blew a fuse I think. It won't power on at all. Now the question is, what do I do now? I have very little soldering skills, and even less electrical knowledge.
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    Model 1 with no sound. Again.

    Is there something up with Model 1 MegaDrives/Genesis' that cause them to stop outputting sound? I've had to repurchase many of my consoles my father bought me, so I could play them at my mother's. I purchased a Model 1 a few years ago, as my original Model 1 (December 1990. my first game...
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    What happened?

    I haven't been posting much since the year began, and have only been showing up here and there since then, I've noticed the activity has really really dropped. I don't see anything with mal, Akuma, ExCyber, racket, and many others anymore. Most of the posting now seems to be Kuta, vbt, and...
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    Looking for the PS2 Saturn Controller.

    Hey guys, any idea where I can get the PS2 Sega Saturn controller? Play-Asia's out of stock, and the last I checked eBay, they didn't have any.
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    Ready for Wii?

    Well, tomorrow's the big day. Wii launch. I'm really looking forward to it, as it's my first console launch, and I've been dreaming of being part of a console launch for fifteen years now. Got everything paid off, and this is what I'm buying tomorrow: Nintendo Wii Zelda: Twilight Princess...
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    Classic References in PSU.

    Chapter 4. Tylor is a space pirate. Tyler was the name of a space pirate in Phantasy Star II. The ship he commands is the Landeel, which is the ship that you find in Phantasy Star IV while visiting his tomb in the town of Tyler. In Phantasy Star II, Tyler saves Rolf and his party from their...
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    Sega To Release 30 Game Compilation for PS2 and PSP Pretty much a perfect collection, it's just missing something.... WHERE THE HELL IS STREETS OF RAGE?!
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    Games that check the security ring twice.

    Which games check twice for the security ring? The only one I know of is Alien Trilogy. Also, how do you get around it with the swap? (Probably a dumb question).
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    Just curious if anyone here's a fan of Blutengel. A friend of mine got me into them a few months ago, and found out Bro's a big fan as well, a few weeks later. Personally, I love "Leave The Day", though "Oxidising Angel" is great as well.
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    A couple burning questions..

    Well, I never thought I'd ask for help on this topic ever again (It's been nearly five years since I last needed help. Thanks Akuma!), but I have a couple burning questions. After about three years, I've gotten back into Mega CD and Saturn games. Only I'm having trouble with Saturn. Okay, I...
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    HD-DVD Question

    Does this also effect home movies as well? I'm asking because I have a couple movies from school from years ago, that I hope to put on my computer and burn to DVD so they'll last longer. This is of course, dependant on HD-DVD winning the "format war". I don't know a whole lot about Blu-Ray...
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    PlayStation 3 Price...

    Low End Model = PS3 with 20GB HDD = $500 High End Model = PS3 with 60GB HDD = $600 Sony's E3 conference was pretty poor. The only good thing was VF5. But FUCK! $660 for Virtua Fighter 5?! Virtua Fighter matters more to me than life itself, but I am NOT paying that much come next spring...
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    Extremely fun game.

    Bubble Game I got to the very end of level 13 (I just needed one more drop to finish it! :damn:) Very addicting.
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    Place to Upload Dreamcast Saves

    Hey guys, I need a place I can upload my Dreamcast saves too. I uploaded my cleared Shenmue save (Hacked for used with Shenmue II) to a couple years back, and now for some reason I can't download it. None of the saves at the site are working. Geocities won't let me upload it, nor...
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    No Shenmue 3? Ever?

    From Xbox360 News Looks like there won't be a Shenmue 3. :( This gives me an inspiration to play Shenmue a second time, then finally play through Shenmue II that's been sitting on my shelf the last two years.
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    What exactly will the new consoles bring?

    I was thinking the other day, "What will the next generation consoles bring that's new and fresh?" Let's start with the NES: 8-bit: D-pad and two buttons Passwords/Battery back-up (Dunno, you think this counts?) 16-bit: Nothing real signiificant (I can't really think of anything anyway)...
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    Virtua Fighter 5

    Running off the Lindbergh arcade board (Same as House of The Dead 4). There are two new characters. The first is a young girl who spins around on the floor like she's break dancing. The second character is a masked wrestler who appears in one of the city stages shown earlier in the video...