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    Holy shit..

    I still check in and lurk every now and then. I haven't posted since 2015?! I first discovered the site last week of June 2000, and then then joined July 8, 2001. This place was literally my home/life in high school (2001 - 2005).
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    Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation

    Still waiting on the US release....
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    Shenmue 3

    I pledged at the $250 level. That is A LOT of money, but I don't regret it. Suzuki is my favorite game developer/designer/director of them all, and it feels great to be able to contribute to this.
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    Site moved and upgraded!

    Looking awesome! Thanks for keeping the site going guys!
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    How old is SX ?

    Checking in after over a year. Is it just me, or is this the most active thread on the site? Picked up Sonic All-Stars Racing for Wii U at launch, and it's easily my favorite game of the launch crop. Just one big love letter to us fans.
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    How old is SX ?

    Just checking in guys. What up?
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    I want to make an rpg

    Haha. In hindsight, I think I did as well. I was a HUGE attention whore back then.
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    How old is SX ?

    Okay, now I'm unable to edit my posts more than once? Odd.... Anyway, I guess I can read all the old posts by going the long way, by following the pages in each sub-forum, but am unable to search for threads/posts started by members via their profile page.
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    How old is SX ?

    What up everybody? Nice to see a lot of the old standbys back here in this thread. My ten year anniversary was back in July, but I really didn't think much of it (granted, it did pop in my head a few times on the actual date while working and just going about my day). I look back at some of...
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    I want to make an rpg

    Just read through this thread. Good times. I miss the old days.
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    The final word on TVs

    The Saturn looks really good on my LCD. My Dreamcast does as well, obviously with it's VGA box. Basically, the oldest console I'd go on a modern TV while still looking good, is the 3DO. Of course, play them in 4:3 mode. My 3DO and Jaguar look great, as does my Nintendo 64 as well.
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    Sega celebrates 32X with soundtrack CD

    No Tempo or Chaotix? Damn.. Oh well. As a hardcore 32X fanboy, I must have this.
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    How old is SX ?

    Not quite. If anything, it picked up quite a bit around 2003 and 2004. And don't forget all the drama with RevQuixo and such. Ah... The good times. I miss my Des. Haha. Haven't spoken to her since 2007. Oh and, another redesign? Interesting.
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    How old is SX ?

    Indeed! It's good to be back!
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    How old is SX ?

    I can't even remember the last time I posted here at SX. Good to see some of the originals, such as myself, are still around. I've been through a lot the last couple years, hence why I haven't been around. Working quite a bit, a couple girlfriends, got engaged (though she broke it off a month...
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    Sega Comes Out With Robot Girlfriend

    Oh Sega, what the hell have you become?
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    WTF happened, the sequel?!?

    Ah, so that's why it said it was forbidden when I tried to come to the site a couple days ago? Seriously, what the hell is everyone's obsession with hacking this board? I thought all the bad blood that had developed over the years had just washed away on it's own for the most part. Then...
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    Sega's Phantasy Star Series Turns 20 Years Old

    I assume you mean in the States? Yeah, that would have been awesome. Other than the obvious Saturn version, they did just recently release a collection of the original four on PS2 in Japan. With Sega saying that they will support the PS2 until about 2010 or so, I'm still holding on to that...
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    Well, finally got my Live account set up. My username is Cloud121D.
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    All right, I'm finally getting my Xbox 360 in a few weeks, and I want to collect all my friends gamertags. So, what are all yours? Looking forward to playing some of you in VF5 come October 31. :D