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    video codec test

    What do you think about this 32X video player? As good as Saturn?
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    cartridge port info

    I found this page a while back: SEGA Saturn cartridge port pinouts It seems that some of the signals are still unknown? I unsoldered an ST-Key recently which contained a PAL and a rom. Unsurprisingly the PAL is not readable, but I got a dump of the rom (I think... it didn't want to read...
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    newb question

    When the Saturn is first powered on, is it true that the master SH2 begins executing at $00000200 ? The opcode there (in the BIOS) is $BEB0 which seems to branch around to the $FFFFFFxx range. What is really supposed to be going on? I was just working on a little SH2 emu (don't hold your...