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    Help/Guides with Burning Methods

    are you trying to burn iso-mp3, bin-cue, or some other format?
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    I hate the standart Saturn machines

    very sharp. how did you add the blue light? any tips on painting?
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    FS: modded Saturn

    sent you a pm
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    FS: modded Saturn

    no deals yet. still for sale.
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    FS: modded Saturn

    I'm selling a chipped Saturn. It's a model 2 with a 32-pin ic. The chip came from IJTF_Cinder's (of the classicsega hub and elsewhere) store last fall. It's the common single ribbon connector chip, and I believe it has the white connector. The chip is installed with the A+B method. The system...
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    WTB: Pink Justifier Gun

    the gun. a scratch on the butt of the gun. this is the only flaw on the gun. the connector. all the wires seem secure as they are.
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    WTB: Pink Justifier Gun

    i have one to sell. i'd take $15 + shipping (shipping should be cheap). the black rubber wrapping on the cord has been pulled out(?) so it doesnt run into the connector, but the gun is otherwise in good used condition and works normally. the conenctor appears to be a standard 6-pin rj-11...
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    Looking for Modchip Installer to recommend

    so uhh, i pm'd you, if you didnt notice already.
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    fixing a 32x unit

    genesis carts dont work either. i should clarify that when the power is on, i get a black screen from the system rather than nothing at all. the 32x doesnt appear dirty. i went over the 32x to genesis connectors and they're clean. i dont have any way to clean the cartridge slot, but those...
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    fixing a 32x unit

    i have a broken 32x unit i'd like to repair if possible. when i power on the system with a cart in place, nothing happens. if i power on with no cart, the sega cd boots as normal. i tried running it with the power supply from my working 32x, so i assume the ac adapter isnt the problem. are...
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    How does my JAP Saturn plays US games?

    someone got you started
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    Looking for Modchip Installer to recommend

    I've done a couple installs and have been following all the install information that pops up on the boards. I'll put in my application for the job.
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    Problem with newly modded Saturn...

    Try booting the Saturn with no disc and inserting the cd-r at the cd player screen. Seems like I remember someone saying this works for them with a 64 pin chipped Saturn. Have you verified your cd images and burned cd-r's contain the right data? Like opening images with cdmage or something...
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    Please help with CONVSCD

    there is a bug in version 1.05 that handles jap isos incorrectly. MoD posted soon after it was released that he would fix it but he seems to have fallen off the face of the internet. the old version 1.02 would be your best option. also, convscd is a command line program. go start > run > "cmd"...
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    SCD Burning help

    sega cd games should be burned DAO, not TAO. iso-mp3 should be avoided if possible. its more susceptible to problems (see: this topic :P). however, if you must burn iso-mp3, cdrwin doesn't like sega cue maker generated cue files, but nero will burn them.
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    playing SCD games with Mega Mouse

    my "new" mega mouse arrived from an ebay auction today (box was open but it looks unused and mouse pad was still in plastic wrapper) I'll be damned if I can get it to work with my games though. can someone give me some directions here? the SCD doesn't seem to boot at all if the mouse is in the...
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    ConvSCD 1.05 has arrived

    try starting the program from the command prompt without arguments. for win98, use msdos prompt for wnixp, go start > run > enter "cmd" that way you can see what error you get before the program exits. fyi, convscd 1.05 has a bug where it will not read jap discs properly. try v1.02.
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    Can someone give me detailed instructions..

    Actually modding the console to play import cd games would require a new bios (as far as I know, someone feel free to correct me). The easiest option you have is to make a backup image of your game and run it through a region conversion program, then burn the new image. If you need help with...
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    Ripping to use in Gens......

    gens lets you choose the cd drive from within the program; you don't need to edit config files. if the drive you want to use doesn't show as an option, you probably need to install an aspi layer. do a google search for forceaspi. gens won't load nero images or wav files. you can open the .bin...
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    Severe Sega CD Burning problem

    You can get Nero 5 from I would recommend that; I had another guy emailing me with similar problems and he was using Nero 6 too.