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    Pin-out for the twin sticks?

    If this helps... The Twinstick is simply a re-mapped Saturn pad. Left stick = Dpad Right stick pushed left = X Right stick pushed up = Y Right stick pushed right = Z Right stick pushed down = B Left trigger = L Left turbo = R Right trigger = A Right turbo = C (Actually, I may be...
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    Off topic, sony playstation analog (twin) joystick

    I wouldn't do it. Nah. First, in both VOOM and VOOT, there is NOTHING analog about the controls. The Twinsticks themselves are of the "clickedy" kind, both Saturn and DC variations. Second, it'd probably be much better to use the standard PSX pad. D-Pad + the "action buttons" instead of two...
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    Best Video Game EVER

    I'd have to be myself and say VOOT, of course. My favorite fighting game... Play it daily, of course. Funny, how I hated it at first. Same with my friends. And then I learned (and showed them) a small amount of skill and knowledge... which was in the form a statement... That statement was...
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    Top ten Saturn games

    Actually, VO is at the top of the list. The rest are still in no order.
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    Top ten Saturn games

    Hmmm... In NO order: Virtual On (VIRTUAL FRIGGIN ON, PEOPLE!), Burning Rangers, NiGHTS, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Randiant Silvergun, Deza 2, Shining Force III (all 3), Guardian Heroes, Virtua Fighter 2 (!), and Fighter's Megamix.
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    Man, I'm also sick of everyone hating the Xbox for no #### reason! If I get a new console, Xbox would probably be it. Jet Set Radio Future, Panzer Dragoon 4 (...or something along those lines), and most importantly: Virtual On Force. Well, maybe VOF won't happen. But if it gets a console...
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    Favorite SEGA game ever

    Either PDS, VO : OT, or VF3tb
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    What is your favorite type of music?

    Current Favorite CD: Incubus - S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Favorite groups: Incubus - Don't judge them by their singles Offspring - Any of their non-pop songs. Or anything else NOT on Conspiracy of One. Biggest dissapointment ever. Bomb Factory - They own you. "Just wanna be free rike a furry chain!"...
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    All fear the programming newbie

    Well, I'm learning C and all, and I'm wondering where I can get the said "docs" for the Saturn. And any utilities I need to compile/transfer games onto my saturn. Granted, I won't be using them until I have an idea of what I'm doing....
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    I doesn't get any easier than this...

    Ung... I want.... I remember Buyrite (yes, I know they suck) selling it a while ago....