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  1. pitito

    Wince+CDDA Fix

    Well, I have no idea why this happens in these two games (There is another one that now I don't remember the name). It may be the fault of the ip.bin as this hack is the same for Katana games, only the wince binaries were adapted. It is also possible that it is because of the iso but the strange...
  2. pitito

    Wince+CDDA Fix

    Yes, in GDEMU you have the possibility to play it in GDI format and in this format they will work perfectly But if you play it in CDI format or another CDROM format you will get these problems, just like with recorded CDs. For this reason, and after 20 years, some games can be corrected thanks...
  3. pitito

    Wince+CDDA Fix

    This happens in many Wince games hacked for Cdrom, whatever the format or the system you play it, be it burned CD, emualdor or ODE It doesn't happen when you recreate a new Gdrom image. However, other wince games work fine without the need for the fix, but in many others if problems arise. In...
  4. pitito

    Wince+CDDA Fix

    Last year I made this small discovery for Wince + CDDA games and it can repair most of the games that cause problems when playing tracks. First of all say that it does not work in game as Sega Rally 2 or Virtua Cop and in Armada the track continues to restart, but many others manage to work the...
  5. pitito

    Universal Dreamcast Patcher - My new utility for patching TOSEC/Redump images, along with its own patch format.

    Hi Derek, and thanks for your tool, I'm excited about it and hope it progresses favorably. One of the things that I would like you to implement in the future would be to accommodate different output formats in addition to the CDI. such as .bin and .cue with custom LBA with compatible cdda. It...
  6. pitito

    Dragon Ball Z Legend Spanish Transalation 1.0

    Dragon Ball Z legend translation patch into Spanish Patch SSP VERSION 1.3 Md5 of Rom CCD= 8D81C9B1B5D385FDF7B8E9B9BC903DCD IMG= 11A29D953E34CAE6B88EE88E1394FA94