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    FS: modded Saturn

    I'm selling a chipped Saturn. It's a model 2 with a 32-pin ic. The chip came from IJTF_Cinder's (of the classicsega hub and elsewhere) store last fall. It's the common single ribbon connector chip, and I believe it has the white connector. The chip is installed with the A+B method. The system...
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    fixing a 32x unit

    i have a broken 32x unit i'd like to repair if possible. when i power on the system with a cart in place, nothing happens. if i power on with no cart, the sega cd boots as normal. i tried running it with the power supply from my working 32x, so i assume the ac adapter isnt the problem. are...
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    playing SCD games with Mega Mouse

    my "new" mega mouse arrived from an ebay auction today (box was open but it looks unused and mouse pad was still in plastic wrapper) I'll be damned if I can get it to work with my games though. can someone give me some directions here? the SCD doesn't seem to boot at all if the mouse is in the...
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    2 New Sega CD Games

    Good Deal Games has released two new games for the American market, Battle Frenzy and Marko. Both of these games were originally European-only releases. Battle Frenzy was released under the same name in Germany, and under the title Bloodshot in the rest of Europe, while Marko was released as...
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    Multi-region discs?

    spotted this sonic cd beta on ebay claims to work on any region sega/mega cd unit. i'm guessing it's just a burned copy of one of the isos everyone has, but i'm curious why the seller would claim it plays on any region. any insight?
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    multibios chips

    After walking by the chip burner at my job, every day for 2 months, it finally dawned on me that I may be able to use it or oen of the other similar pieces of equipment there to make my own multi-region chip. I know some of the SX guys sell these, I was wondering if I could get some specifics on...
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    wtb: silver Japanese Saturn

    I'm semi-interested in buying a silver Japanese Saturn. I'm looking for the unit with power and a/v cables and at least one controller. I might be interested in some games, but those aren't importrant, although a country-bypass cart would be a plus. I see these go for $100 on ebay, usually...
  8. K now up on nice server. Consists of Sega CD Backup right now. More to come later, if I'm not lazy, and actually have stuff to post.
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    Sega CD Backup, loaded with somewhat useful knowledge, moved from the crappy fortunectiy account to on a nice server with no ads. Guides written for Sega CD games, but are apparently useful for Saturn as well.
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    New guide to archiving and restoring sega cd's

    New guide to archiving and restoring sega cd's pretty comprehensive. now available at hope it helps
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    identifying versions of night trap

    from what i read on the board, there are apparently 2? versions of night trap for the scd, censored and uncensored. i was wondering if there was a way to determine which version is which without having to play through to the kitchen scene, such as them having different product codes or...