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    Which game would you say is the best one in history?

    I really loved FF7, THPS 2, CS, Starcraft and GTA (great nostalgia from all of them), but I see no Grandia or Skies of Arcadia, so had to vote "Other", haha. MSG was really good too, btw, but that game was just too stressful for me.
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    Holy shit..

    I’m relatively new to this community, and I’ve mostly been lurking. But let me tell you, the gold I’ve found here! There’s simply no way to discover information on Discord unless you’re asking or constantly reading (and hoping for a nugget). With YouTube it’s the same. Why waste 30 minutes when...
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    Symphonic Tale: An Unforgettable Journey (Music from Grandia)

    Did anyone see or listen to this yet? Just bought it today and I gotta say, it's a fantastic album. I'm generally not a big orchestral music fan either, but it's just very beautiful (and nostalgic). Doesn't hurt that I'm a VGM nut either, heh. Maybe one day we could try switching out the...
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    Collect Saturn Github Projects

    Hopefully I managed to avoid reposts, tried my best to filter the list :D
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    Communication port information

    Ah, sorry I missed the link, it is indeed indistinguishable on my phone in night mode . I do find the comm port SD card a fun challenge to tackle, but to be honest if I didn’t already have a Pseudo Saturn cartridge I’d probably buy your gamers cart (amazing work btw). It’s on my wishlist but a...
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    Communication port information

    I know there are carts with SD cards, but are you talking about something else? If yes, I’d love it if you could link me some resources. I’ve been trying to dig up previous works but I’ve yet to find anything relevant. The main reason I want an SD card in the comm port is the convenience of...
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    Communication port information

    For starters I'm thinking either FDD emulation (with a bit of help from @BrokenLizard's documentation) or SD Card adapter for backing up save games. I don't have any carts capable of that at the moment and I want to be able to backup my progress :D. EDIT: The latter will require that I write...
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    Communication port information

    Looks slick @zone66x! I see you've made it sturdier too, with 2x3 vs 1x6 pins. Really nice to see you're still working on this. Meanwhile I've printed your 3D model for the comm port, turned out great (with the right settings) but I still need to order some connector pins :).