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    General question about CDR's

    Okay, I've been wondering this for sometime now, and I feel like an idiot.. The CD's I buy say they're "700MB". However, I'm only able to burn about 670 MB to the disc before it tells me it's full. And if I click on my CD drive, and it shows the little pie chart of how much space is taken up...
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    Fast Saturn RPG..

    In like.. 20 or less hours? I've already beaten PDS and Shining Force 3 S1. I have pretty much every RPG for it, and I'd prefer to beat one in English. What's a fast one to beat? I need a break from this Gameboy, but not for too long.
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    Chrismas Nights

    Since CDRwin won't accept the .cue and .bin for whatever reason, I figure I gotta use binchunker. Only, this is what it says: Exception EFOpen Error in module BINCHUNKER.EXE at 00010872. Cannot open file C:Downloadsxmasxmas_nights.bin I was looking in the .cue, too, and I saw a bunch of...
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    MegaManX3 Problems..

    This is my 3rd time trying to burn it, and I was both successful and not. I turned it on, watched the anime intro, then got to the title screen. But that's all I can get to.. If I try to go to the options screen, continue screen, or game start screen, it'll just show black, and then the saturn...
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    Ripping Saturn games..

    How do I do it and what program should I use? (By the way, I already read the text file in the Misc. section.) The problem is, when I click start in CDRWin, it says something about the audio and doesn't progress. (Edited by Weezer at 11:29 pm on Dec. 10, 2001)
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    Not sure if I should post this here or on the FTP board, but.. Has anyone come in contact with a .cdi file and used CDMage or CDIRip on them? If so, how did you use them? I can't get either to work right..