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    Model #'s

    Model #'s I have seen 3 PAL Saturns recently, all model 2 versions and all had the model # MK-80200A-50. 2 of them had the 64 pin chip and the other had the 32 pin chip. I have not yet seen a MK-80008 system, so I cannot help there
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    What Genny game had the best GFX?

    I think the best gfx on the megadrive are in Thunderforce IV as it has the best parallax scrolling I have seen in any game ever. The only problem with it is the slowdown when things get a bit hectic on screen.
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    Could this help with selfbooting CDRs?

    I have just seen news of this new CDR recording technology, my first thought was could it be used to replicate the security ring around the edge of Saturn CDs? Read about it here:
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    Panzer Dragoon was in development for the DC

    Virtua Cop 2 for the DC (both the standalone verion & in the smash pack) is a port of the PC version, which in turn is apparantly a bad port of the Saturn version. I remember hearing rumours before the DC was released that Sega were working on a Saturn emulator for the DC, so it is possible...
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    Nights 2....for Saturn?

    Hmm interesting. Perhaps this answers the question of why the Saturn's 3-d pad has a detachable cable. It was so that an motion sensor upgrade could be added to it in order to play NiGHTS 2. Even if they never made a sequel, I'm sure if they just ported the original game (with a few graphical...
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    Christmas Nights

    I played it on Xmas eve, but didn't have time on Xmas day. Aren't there some sort of special features you get while playing on Dec 25th? I think I may have to adjust my Saturn's date & play i again ;)
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    Sonic CD for Sega CD and PC

    I can confirm that Sonic CD can run quite happily without burning the audio tracks at all. Although this does detract from the gameplay tremendously. By the way, where did you download the PAL version of Sonic CD? I have been looking for the PAL audio tracks for ages, but so far have been...
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    Chrismas Nights

    You could try burning it with FireBurner. After I got my new CDRW drive, I couldn't burn any of the Saturn games I downloaded using CDRWin, but they all work with FireBurner. I hope this helps :)
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    Why do people rip using iso/mp3

    Well as I am on 56k (#### you British Telecom), the only realistic way I can get Saturn / Mega CD games is if they are in iso/mp3 format (or buy original CDs obviously). I think that mp3 is fine for videogame music (apart from 1 game where they were only encoded at 64k).
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    Ripping Saturn games..

    I had a similar problem. I cured it by disabling audio subcode analysis within CDRWin, it then ripped the data/audio perfectly. I hope this helps. PS, my burner would have this error message with standard audio CDs as well, if yours doesn't then it may be a different problem.
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    Megadrive RGB SCART lead

    THANKS :D It now works perfectly, I have been playing Mega Bomberman in all it's 60Hz RGB glory :) Something curious I did find though, was that it would only work if a resistor of at least 500r was placed in seies with the sync output. I don't know why this would be the case, but it works...
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    Good 4 player games

    I find Ready 2 Rumble is always fun (but Ready 2 Rumble Round 2 is rubbish). Also if you have enough money, HOTD2 or Confidential Mission (with 2 guns) is enjoyable. Although I have not yet got this game (I am in the process of importing it) Bomberman Online should be great multiplayer mayhem...
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    Megadrive RGB SCART lead

    I have been trying to make an RGB SCART lead for my megadrive (model 1) after doing the 50/60Hz mod. I got the pinout details from GameSX, however, I cannot get a picture displayed on my TV. The lead is working properly as I tested it on my DC, but I simply cannot get an RGB picture from the...
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    Saturn 3D controller

    I speculated at the time that this was done to allow it to connect to Sega's next console. You would simply buya new cable with the appropriate connector on the end to plug into the new machine. However, clearly that was not the case :(
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    need help

    Crazy Taxi, Soul Calibur, Quake III, Mr Driller. As well as Tennis 2k2 & HOTD2 which have already been mentioned. I hope this helps :)
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    Dreamcast gun games

    The only other lightgun game I can think of is Death Crimson 2 (but it is apparently awful). I can highly recommend HOTD2 and Confidential Mission (although it is a bit short :() Also with the European DC web browser (DreamKey) you can use the lightgun to control the cursor, which is fun for a...
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    Puzzle Games

    Mr Driller is the most addictive puzzle game I have played in a long time. Also Super Puzzle Fighter II X is very good. I played Plumb Plus ages ago but didn't think it was that good. The only other one I can think of is The Next Tetris Online, but alas it is a failrly lacklustre version of...
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    Sector Read errors in CDRWIN

    I think I had the same problem with my burner (Acer 1610A), it turns out that it cannot read subcode. In order to rip the game you have to disable subcode analysis within CDRWin and it should work fine. I hope this helps :)
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    Saturn Bomberman Fight!!

    Well I just listened to the audio track that CDMage found in it and it sounds as though it is actually supposed to be 4 separate tracks. If someone has this game please could you tell me how many audio tracks there are supposed to be, or even make a cue sheet for it & post it here I would be...
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    Saturn Bomberman Fight!!

    Well for a start I am not sure just how many audio tracks the game is supposed to have (CDMage suggested that there was just 1 audio track, but I would like confirmation). Secondly I am not entirely sure how I would go about making my own cue sheet (I looked in the misc section but did not se...