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    [DC] GypPlay selfboot under Linux

    Hello! I use linux to burn DC selfboot cds. I use "scramble" utility on 1st_read.bin from GypPlay Lik Sang Edition and then used simple script from dclinux to burn all gypplay and mpeg files on CD in two sessions (as DCLinux) After that i have such CD: 1st session - 4 sec audio (as...
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    Discworld 2 (eur/pal)

    Does this game requires additional swap? (or i just have a bad burn) Or this game is uncompatible with 60hz consoles .I patched it to US but cant get it to work on us-ntsc console... But it seems to work under SSF.. So, does anybody played it on US or maybe Jap console?
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    Regarding flash carts for megadrive

    I have such flash cart. it have onboard TWO ROMs, marked as: ST 88844S M27256FI (i.e. - total 512kb??) On this cart now is flashed CDX (from Eidolon's Site). Is it possible to replace those two roms with anything bigger then 512kb (i.e. to flash at least Knuckes Chaotix 32x - 3mb or Star...
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    Need help with 32X add-on

    Hello! Just have possiblility to buy old used Eur 32X add-on. But i need to know some things about it: 1) does 32X add-on work only with the same region megadrive/genesis? I.e. Eur 32X will work only with PAL MegaDrive and not with Jap MD and US Genesis? 2) The guy who want to sell it to me...
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    ===cut from D2_v160=== Magazine and console pack-ins --------------------------------------------------------------------------- NAME: Dream On series AUTHOR/VENDOR: ? FORMAT: GD-ROM RELEASE DATE: various TYPE: multigame (demos and previews) LANGUAGE: multilingual...
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    To TakaIsSilly

    Hi! I sent you current saturn.c. And i describe the problem in this email. Hope you will find the bug. In two words, somehow with removage of my glitched off-screen buffer (i.e. bringing video routine to close to original emu) - the new glitch appeared - the background is in black. All...
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    First public version on site

    Uploaded first public version. 1) Because of legality questions - ROM is not included. So you must use your legal sms/gg rom. ISO building instruction are in readme.txt. Please read this txt file carefully. 2) It's possible very slow. 3) For now it's not checked on real saturn - only on SSF...
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    SMS emulator running on SATURN

    yes! Check my page for screenshots
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    Saturn laser problem?

    Have here old used sega saturn (model2) and it's badly reads CD-R (even the ones which burned at 1x). Sometimes it even skips (remember cd player w/o "antishock" - like this) audio tracks on audio cd-r (and on games with audio tracks). But it normally reads factory CDs (audio and games). I...
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    All working ok!! New beta!!

    Yes! check for new version with working gfx (foreground and background) (iso) (srcs) also screenshots
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    Got background working, but..

    TakaIsSilly! (main.c) Got working foreground with background (but foreground uses background tiles). If switch slPageNbg0 to tile_data from tile_data2 (tile_data2 is the bg tiles, tile_data is fg tiles) somehow BG layer not displayed only fg layer...
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    Phoenix. Background Layer

    Something about background layer. Seems that original emulator uses (0x800+pos) (originally, blit(video,video_buffer_bg,0x800+(d*8)) because all "tiles" stored as big bitmap and background tiles are located at offset 0x800 of this bitmap. But in case of Saturn emulator, it can't access lower...
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    Need help! TakaIsSilly, are you here? :)

    Hi! Tryed to wrote simple gfx code with usage of bitmap functions. But got nothing. Here is the code: void main(void) { int i; slInitSystem(TV_320x224, NULL, 1) ; slInitBitMap(bmNBG0, BM_512x256, VDP2_VRAM_B1); slPrint("just a circle", slLocate(1,1)); for (i = 0;i <= 250; i++){...
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    New version!

    Check for new version with controls emulation and "cleared GFX". Also uploaded lastest source of Jim emulator with real GFX emulation via Allegro lib. So, anyone for GFX? :) To TakaIsSilly: Only use ClsSlo() in this release, ClsFast() included, but not used...
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    New version of Phoenix emu + source code ISO file source code original source code by Jim Skilskyj documentation from "Arcde Emulation How-to" about writining Phoenix emulator Phoenix...
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    Source code for SatPhx 0.01

    I just only maked it work for now :) Will try to clean it from trash and add comments (as possible). Will upload it soon.
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    Yes! I did it.

    1st of all, i want to thank TakaIsSilly, Charles Doty and Jim Skilskyj (without them it will be impossible). Here is my first public port of phoenix emu to saturn. I just used the _first_ version of this emu by Jim Skilskyj, so dont expect much of it (it's used pseudographics and dont have key...
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    Need help in using gfs library functions

    Hello! Tryed to wrote simple proggy which load files into cd to memory array, but got problems. here is the cut from it, which crash the ssf emu (and without GFS_Open/Close it works fine - but seems, that it really didn do anything with readme.txt, which i included on cd, fid still always the...