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  1. LackofTrack

    How do you use SCSP DSP Modulation Effects?

    Hi! I was messing around with the SCSP DSP to see what you could do with it and I got stumped reading this: I used the modulation voices it says to include but I can't hear them when I play back a sequence. I know everything else is correct because non modulation DSP effects work fine. It says...
  2. LackofTrack

    Can you Convert Aif/Wav to .ADP? (Saturn XA Adpcm)

    Hello! I'm trying to mod Sonic Jam and replace it's music for the Genesis games. The format the music is in though is .ADP. Is there a way to convert Aif or Wav files to .ADP files? From what I've gathered it seems Adp files are just AIFF files with XA audio encoded with in them but I can't find...