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    Sega Genesis Model 1 Region + Overclock Mods

    since about a month ago it seems.
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    Fighters Megamix

    heh, i bought my saturn for this game too. good times, good times.
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    Which side are you on?

    gurellia legit, i wish doom on those that cheat, go into caves, and watch em take a megid blast in the face, laugh, and leave the corpse. good times, good times....
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    SegaXtreme Kaillera Net Play is up and running!

    hmmmm.... should it show up on the regular kaillera server list? because at the moment it isnt.
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    KOF 2003 info -- MOTW Influences!

    uh.... Metal Slug: Cyber Mission
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    SX GC PSO Gathering

    im up for the playing of the games.
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    What sold you on the Saturn?

    around 98 i saw it used in a local game store for $30, and they had figters megamix for $5. i liked that game a lot from playing it on a demo machine in the same store, so i bought it. and good times ensued once i found this site while looking for saturn "romz"
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    Faking a server?

    this is becoming unnesessary. locked.
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    Wierd Ping issues is kaillera

    ok, im on a cable connection here, yet EVERY kaillera server pings >1 second. then when i go into a server i know i can get a good ping to, my ping is like 50-100. anyone else experience issues like this? its very frustrating because i cant figure out what new servers are usefull and which ones...
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    Powerstone better than Smash Bros?

    dont forget the sheld system with the dodging, the reflecting, the breaking, and also the aerial dodges, and the recovery system. much more sophsticated then powerstones blocking.
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    Post the best arcades in your area

    ooh, white marh mall just got a matrimelee and a svc chaos machine lately, and theve had a current ddr machine for the last year, so thats not a bad place to go.
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    new (remade?) shining force game!

    it is realy simple, me and a friend imported it ( since it has co-op link) and its like diablo for GBA. click click click enemy dies. i got bored of it after like 3 hours. and there was no music when you linked up (wtf?)
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    Graphics problem playing 1meg games on 4meg

    i can confirm that too. i have official Capcom 4m. samuri spirits 4 and kof 96 dont work properly with it.
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    New Shinobi Spinoff in development

    eww.... overworks. action games are not their forte.
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    Sega CD HelP!!!!!!!

    yeah, you dont even have to take it off if ya dont want.
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    Faking a server?

    well, also to do that you would need 4 liscences. and you know how notoriously cheap ppl are when it comes to hacking and such.
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    this guy sounds like he should be doing infomercials.
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    Otogi for xbox

    what are you talking about iceman? it just released in the US....
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    SNL question

    i only ever watch that show anymore for amy polhner, and maybey a bit for horatio sans. maily becuase amy was one of the starts of the best tv show ever, the upright citizens brigade. if you havent seen that, you realy owe it to yourself to go download some. (do yourself a favor and read the FAQ...
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    Japanese Shenmue???

    Looks like it. Found it on ebay.