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    I wanted to donate manuals to the site but...

    (and yes, I tried emailing) Problem is that I see you guys only accept PDF format, but my scanner only does JPGS. Would you rather me just send the lot of manuals to an address here at Segaxtreme for resizing and stuff, or just try to find a JPG to PDF converter, if there is a such thing. Thanks
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    looking for 3do games

    looking for: sewer shark super street fighter 2 turbo doom wolfenstein braindead 13 road rash way of the warrior alone in the dark II night trap corpse killer samurai showdown Bust A Move Cannon Fodder Demoiltion Man Dragons Lair Gex Lemmings PO'ed Primal Rage Return Fire...
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    is it possible...

    I know that this may be teering on the legal level at this site, but is it possible, with help of a group of excellent, intelligent programmers, to create a Genesis specific version of the classic Splatterhouse? If you are unfamilar with the history, Splatterhouse defined survival horror before...
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    I wanted to order a few things from these guys and my question is that are they trustworthy? Are these items in good condition? thanks
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    Online Daytona USA?

    Which is the online Daytona USA? I have Daytona USA (The original) but I seen another on ebay called Circuit Championship Edition. Is this it? Or is there a third edition. Maybe a pic of the game/cover can help thanks!
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    looking for a DC BBA

    since Gamestop cant find their stocks of the Broadband Adapter, I am asking is anyone willing to sell an extra BBA for a reasonable price? IE: no BBA for 150 bucks? Thanks
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    which games use Broadband?

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    Is the Sega Megadrive Tetris Japanese legal?

    I read a few videogames history books, (like Kent's Ulimate History of Video Games) and read that Sega was issued illegal rights for Tetris on be made on the Arcade coin-op. Now, if the Sega Megadrive game is based on the coin-op, does this mean its not legal like the NES Tengen Tetris? Thanks
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    Time Killers help

    1. Does anyone have Game Genie codes for this game? 2. I have a Genesis 1, Nomad and CDX and for some reason, this game isnt compatible with the CDX, yet works on everything else. Any reason?
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    Another PS1 MD question

    Since according to the other post, PS1 MD is Phantasy Star for the Master System with a converter, how does Game Genie and Action Replay work for it? Thanks
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    Phantasy Star 1 for Megadrive

    Listen, I just bought PS1 for Master System, and love it and now, I am interesting in buying the Mega Drive version. I know its in Japanese, but I am sorts of a collector so is it true that there are only 1000 copies of the game made? Besides, there isnt even a ROM of the game. Should I go...
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    need help with New Mega CD games

    Like I said in the General Forum, I finally got a copy of the PAL versions of Theme Park and Marko's Magic Football. Problem is that they wont work with SCDCONV 2.5. (both the game and converted ISO on GENS) Is there any other way to play these 2 games? Another patching system? Thanks for...
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    Good news, bad news need help

    GOOD NEWS: Thanks to a pal in Australia, I now have copies of Theme Park and Markos Magic Football on Mega/Sega CD!!!!!!!(HOOOORAYYYYY!) It worked perfect on Gens emu with the SCD Euro Bios. now for the BAD: Using SCD conv 2.5, I cant convert the ISO file right(I used Binchunker for extract...
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    Looking for Brazillian SMS games..

    what is a good "cheap" place to get some of the Techtoy Brazillian Master System games, like Ren and Stimpy, Sonic Blast, Earthworm Jim, Street Fighter 2, and Mortal Kombat 3? Thanks
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    Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari

    anyone have it? Is it like or better than the NES version?(River City Ransom?) Thanks
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    what ever happened.......

    with the Return Fire unreleased? I seen a huge topic before, now no one is talking, did it work?
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    Did these ever come out?????

    Hello, I am wondering if the following Sega CD games came out in Europe or other countries: Cannon Fodder or Theme Park if so , are they cool? Also, I read in an old EGM, that Street Fighter 2 were supposed to be made for Mega Cd JAPANESE. Did it ever come out? Finally, what is that SMurf...
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    dont feel bad, I had worse!

    Well, I was going to my senior prom with my best friend kinda the closest thing I had to a girlfriend, then her asshole ex- begged her to go after the promise was made to me(this guy, like a dumbass, joined the Navy and was stationed in Hong Kong on a boat for months at a time and then whines...
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    metal slugs aes neo geo

    anyone want to get rid of theirs i aint paying $2000 though
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    Turbo DUO FTP

    Hey, Duo fans, I am interested in making a FTP for Duo games, please go to the FTP section of SegaXtreme for more info Thanx