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    Burning problem

    Ok a while ago I ripped some cds in bin cue from CDRWIN. I decided to burn one back to a disk and I got a bad burn. Well everything thinks its a music cd. I loaded up the CUE and then the BIN just like I had done for countless iso/wavs. I think I did leave burn in raw mode unchecked. Can anyone...
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    Im buying a used Saturn

    I know with the 32X the cable things are often missing. Im just wondering whether there is anything I should watch out for when buying a used Saturn. As far as I can tell it was probably just someone who didn't appreciate the system enough so they sold it.
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    Correct burning of a raw

    Ok I burned raw/wav/cue. The game works fine in emulators as well as the real thing (Sega CD). However I think I did it wrong. I used CDRWIN and my CUE started like this. FILE "track01.raw" BINARY TRACK 01 MODE1/2048 INDEX 01 00:00:00 POSTGAP 00:02:00 FILE "02.wav" Wave I...
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    Cue question

    Alright I understand how to make a CUE file thanks to the great sheet on this site. However, I don't understand what value the Pregap should be set too. The tutorial here has it set to 2:00. I CUE I got off the internet to help me before I found the info here had the Pregap set to 3:00. My...