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  1. J

    An old member trying to catch up...

    Whatever happened to Skank and Cynn? It's been a while since I caught up with the going on's of the site.. but what happened to them? And what happened to Cecilia :(
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    Which anime series?

    Which anime series or video game is this guy from???
  3. J

    WWF Rage in the Cage -- Sega CD

    How do I climb out of the cage in a steel cage match?
  4. J

    Midnight Raiders -- Sega CD

    OK... seems i made it to the infiltration stage of this messed up game... How do i reload my pistol? I ran out of bullets and died.
  5. J

    Has anyone tried the beta yet?

    Has anyone tried it yet? What do you think about it? I personally disagree with having users pay to submit objects to sell... that sux. Plus, a monthly fee for using the thing sux too... we should only be charged for the virtual money we want.
  6. J

    Does anyone play any Collectible Card Games?

    CCG Games anyone?
  7. J

    Overpower the CCG

    Has anyone played this CCG before? Are you interested in playing? An Overpower Online GUI has been programmed and is about to be released... BTW: Overpower was a ccg for Marvel, Image, and DC characters...not as successful as Magic the gathering, but fun, nonetheless. PM me if you'd like...
  8. J

    SNK Vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash (SNK version)

    Need help! What combo's of cards must I use in the Trade Machines to receive Jin Saotome? Thanks!
  9. J

    Neo Geo Pocket Games

    Hey guys. I just recently tried out some Neo Geo Pocket games on koyote 0.5.0... So far i'm kinda addicted to "snk vs capcom - card fighters clash - snk version (ue)" Does anyone else play this? If you do, would you like to trade some cards with me online? Some cards you can only create...
  10. J

    Free Image Hosting

    Hey sorry if this is totally unrelated, but as this IS a B.B., maybe it is related lol. Welp, I'm just wondering if anyone knows of free image hosting providers out there... some of my pals need a place to put their pics. But they need the pics to be hotlink-able. Any suggestions are...
  11. J

    Does Anyone have any pets?

    Well? Does anyone? I have 2 bunnies and 5 fish
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    Gif Animation help

    Hey guys. I know this isn't gaming related, but how do I speed up the animation of my gif file? I used Ulead Animator to make a gif file out of a video file that had a frame rate of about 24 fps. The gif file I outputted was about 16 fps or something like that. How can I speed up the file to...
  13. J

    Has anyone tried IP Telephony?

    Has anyone had any experience with ip telephony? How is it? I just downloaded Gphone and would like to see if it works... I can't find anyone to test it with. Would anyone like to try? PM me if you do BTW, there's a PDA version of it too!
  14. J

    Messenger Service Pop ups

    I was annoyed by being "attacked" with these i did a search and found a proggy that seems to work well with it... here's the link... JCTango
  15. J

    What happened to irc page?

    Hello. I guess this goes out to the webmasters... What happened to the irc page? The one with mircstats? Just wondering because I am using mircstats for my channel and am interested in knowing what setting you guys used to generate interesting captures of channel activity. Also, i would like...
  16. J

    Should i change my avatar?

    /me thinks that my avatar may be too large for ppl to view... it's currently the bullettime clip in Matrix... ^(lol too much time on irc) my avatar pic not only takes long to load, it also screws up the smoothness of scrolling through the page... ...just trying to be considerate, i guess...
  17. J

    This morning's incident

    This morning's incident Did you guys hear about the whole incident in the war against terrorism? 4 Canadian Paratroopers were bombed this early morning by an American ally... Apparently, much debate is raging about whether the pilot was given authority to fire. Some ppl are wondering what...
  18. J

    Maybe a bug...

    Not TOO much of a big deal in this board, but i've read a few messages on the board, but when i go back to the main page, the board tells me that i haven't read it even though i did... ???
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    So i guess we're switching over to this board now?

    So i guess we're switching over to this board now? are we? ???
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    Marvel Overpower

    Hey guys... I'm designing a PC version of the collectible card game, Marvel Overpower with friend of mine... We've already got multiplayer action going, and we have all the power and hero (except Adam Warlock, Daredevil, and Dr. Strange) cards... We need tons more scans of the Marvel Overpower...