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    Who want to put some ISO´s on my FTP

    If someone is intrested to put some CD32 or YES Amiga CDTV games on my FTP please feel free to up them on my FTP. There´s no good CD32 or CDTV FTP out, or is there one?? I own a Amiga CDTV but I can´t deal with rip´s at the moment, coz I don´t own a CD for it I also need to buy a remote...
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    Games that support link cable

    hi! Today I got my Saturn Link Cable and tried to play some games with it. The only game I got to run was Doom. Didn´t games like Daytona USA CCE, Duke 3d, Quake.... support the link cable?? What games support it??
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    Space invaders '91, '95, x

    Space invaders '91, '95, x Was one of therse games released for Saturn? Space Invaders '91 Space Invaders '95 Space Invaders X (I know it from a friends Playstation) I know that Space Invaders (original) was ported to Saturn.
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    What CD writer should I buy

    I´m planning to buy a new CD writer that supports RAW BIN+CUE writing. That is needed to burn games like Nights into Dreams... At the moment I only have a 4x 4x 32x Teac writer. Which writers do support these MODE1+2 writing as BIN+Cue with CDR-WIN? Any good writers I could buy?
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    Game/Hardware Manuals

    Does anybody here knows project64? Not the Nintendo 64 site. It´s For all who don´t know it. It´s a game manual, software and hardware manual collection for the Commodore 64. They didn´t scan the manuals, They read them by OCR and put them as only TXT files on...
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    Burning SMS Roms to EPROM

    Hi. I took a Master System Sonic Cartridge to pieces and desolderen the ROM from the PCB. I tried to read out the ROM with my eprommer but that didn´t worked. Only the first 8K was readable. (why???) Now I got two eproms HN27C101 and a M27C1001 Could I copy a small game on it and put the...
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    Virtua Gun games.

    Hello, I´m searching for a list of Virtua Gun compatible games. The only virtua gun games I know are: Virtua Cop, Virtua Cop 2, House Of The Death, Area 51 and Revolution X. Can somebody list some more games that support the Virtua Gun?
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    Area 51

    How can I throw the collected grenades in the game Area 51? I tried to shoot on them but that didnßt worked. Can anybody help?
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    XXXXX.CDI extension

    Hello, I downloaded Asuke 120 and opened the archive. I wondered to find a XXX.CDI image. What is it?? It seems not to be compatible to ISO or BIN. I tried to open it with satconv but it didn´t worked. How to burn that image to CD? What CD writing software do I need??
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    House Of Dead

    Hi Today I got my Virtua Gun and I burned House Of Dead (from Ralos FTP) on CD-R and started it. That image was Japan or US (I don´t know anymore) So I converted it to Europe with satconv. I know House Of Dead from PC and THERE was RED blood. Did the game recognize that I´ve a european...
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    Saturn 50/60Hz switch

    Hi I´ve a european Saturn. I want to add a switch to change between 50 and 60 Hz. Is that easily possible? I also added a 50/60Hz switch to my Mega Drive. I don´t want to change the region only the 50/60Hz I use satconv to convert all the games to europe. I want to start a game in 50 Hz...
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    Saturn Battery

    Hi, I need a new battery for my Saturn. I bought it second hand and it came without one. Now I don´t know how the battery type name is called. Can anybody help?
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    Saturn TV commercial

    Hi I get a polygram video promotion VCD with my second hand Saturn. My saturn has no VCD board so I tried the CD in my PC. On the CD was a 30 minutes Video with music vcd´s to buy. Before this polygram was a Sega Saturn comercial. I ripped only the Saturn commecial and put it on my FTP into...
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    Ripping Worldwide Soccer 97

    Hi there, I wanted to rip Worldwide Soccer 97. I did it with CDRwin but there is a Mode 1 Data Track, then a Mode 2 Data Track and at least all the WAV audio tracks. What should I do? Why is there a Mode2 Data Track? Is that some kind of copyprotection? Or is Worldwide Soccer only rippable...
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    Sega SG-1000

    I found a picture of an Sega SG-1000 at , there were also some screenshots from games.. Was that SG-1000 only sold in japan? I searched on and for it but couldn´t find one. You find lots of Atari 2600 consoles at ebay... but no SG-1000. Where could I buy one...
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    Rock 'n Roll Racing Music

    Hi there I recorded all the music from the Genesis game "Rock 'n Roll Racing" There are 6 Songs and all the names of the songs are listed inside the game manual. I could identify 4 of 6 Songnames. Could somebody help to identify the other missing 2? I uploaded ALL 6 MP3´s to my webspace...
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    Composite Video or RGB from Master System

    Is there a way to get at least composite video signal from the Master System II? Or RGB??!! would that be possible too?? Please let me know if there´s a way.
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    Mega Drive I Scart RGB Calbe

    Hi there, I got an old Mega Drive I from eBay. I only came with a RF Cable and I want to connect it to my TV via RGB like my Mega Drive 2. How must I connect the Mega Drive to the TV? My problem is, where on the Scart connector do I have to connect the Sync from the Mega Drive. And where...
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    Alex Kidd in Miracle World

    Hi there, Once I owned an old Master System II with build in "Alex Kidd in Miracle World". This console died and I had to buy another one. In that new console Sonic The Hedgehoc was build in. My question is, is there a single Alex Kidd i. Miracle World cart avaible? I never found one on eBay yet.
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    LAN, Http proxy problem.

    Hi, I have a Pentium 133 connected via LAN to my main PC and installed a DOS internet Browser on it. It´s just a experiment ;) I want to know how it is surfing Internet under DOS. My main PC is running sambar server 5.0 I´ve setup Sambar as Proxy and it works fine. Two other PC´s are...