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  1. XL2

    SegaXtreme discord

    I created a discord channel for SegaXtreme forum users to discuss mainly about Saturn dev stuff, feel free to join us :
  2. XL2

    Model Converter with animation support

    Hi! Here is a tool I wrote but never shared here. It's a model converter that also allows to export animations to a binary format. Animations are using compressed keyframes with linear interpolation (similar to Quake 2). It's per-vertex animation, so you can store your whole model in a single...
  3. XL2

    Reading from the framebuffer?

    Here is one idea I have to reduce the overdraw in my game : Since I'm using RGB code for objects close to the camera and palette codes for objects further away, I thought about simply using the framebuffer as a pseudo- z-buffer. Since I know pixels starting with a 1 (RGB code) are closer to the...
  4. XL2

    Alex Kidd on Saturn

    A user named Lo gi is quietly remaking Alex Kidd for the Saturn using Jo Engine. I think it's quite amazing so far and is very promising.
  5. XL2

    4 bpp sprite converter app

    Here is an image converter windows app (for TGA files only) that will convert the images to both c source code and binary file in a 4 bits per pixel format. The app is super simple to use : put it in your image folder, launch it and just type de filename without the extension. It will convert...
  6. XL2

    SCU DSP for matrix transformation?

    So I've started to work on a BSP/PVS solution (very early) for my game, which made me realize that I could also save several clock cycles by changing the 3d implementation to skip the z-sort (I'm not saying I will do it, just that it would be interesting to look at). According to Sega's...
  7. XL2

    FPS-demo + source code

    Hi all! One of the hardest thing in making homebrew 3D games is the collision detection. So I did a quick FPS-style demo (with source code, done in a few hours only so don't expect Half-Life on the Saturn) with working collision detection (still buggy) and a tool to generate the bounding boxes...
  8. XL2

    (Saturn homebrew) Sonic Z-Treme

    Hi all! I'm currently learning c language on my own and game developpment as an hobby. I decided to start with the Sega Saturn (yes, I didn't start with the easiest machine!) and a 3D game (yes...). I've been working part-time on my project, that I named Sonic Z-Treme, since the end of march...