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    Roommate translation

    I was wondering if anyone had a translation for the japanese game Roommate, or knew of one existing.
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    Napple tales:arisa in daydream

    Yes, I've played it. It's... interesting. I have no clue where to find it though... if you like 3d platformers, it's not bad. It's heavily laden with Kanji, though.
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    SegaCD Emulation...

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to make a SegaCD emulator for the Dreamcast? I was sitting around pondering the concept tonight... It would be AWESOME if someone were to make one, but unfortunately, I suck WAY too much at making useful programs to do any such creating myself. Just...
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    Dummy Files

    I'm making a selfbooting image of DreamZZT, to teach myself how to make selfboots, and I'm wondering how to put a dummy file in and how to know how large of one. If anyone could help me, that'd be great, because I'd like to maximise my filesize instead of using the pre-made ones I have. Thank you.
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    Portable DC??

    i don't mean to sound rude, but there's quite definitely a multi platform screen. Lik-ssang sells it. I believe it's called fireant or some such nonssensicle name. Haven't looked into it TOO much, though as it's 2-300 bucks
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    RPGs on Saturn

    I just got a new Saturn a week ago, and am wondering if there are any good RPGs beside Shining Force 3 (Scenario 1) and Magic Knight Rayearth. And are there translations for the others (Like Grandia *sort of* has)?
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    Christmas Nights

    Speaking of which, my friend says all the releases of Christmas Nights were Sampler disks. That would make sense as it's just a themed release, but I just want to verify... Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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    BTW, gallstaff, the clock has nothing to do with swapping... I'm too lazy to replace my battery, but I've been swapping since I got my Saturn (two days ago...). All you needed to do was wait till it got to the scene with the saturn logo and swap just like the directions say.
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    Backup imports...?

    I thought import games could be played useing the swap method, but when I play backups of imports (like Sailor Moon VE from Lockcole's FTP) it doesn't work out. I converted the image with satconv, and that helps it load the sega liscencing screen, then everything goes black and the cd stops...
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    Saturn Action Replay 4M plus or Saturn Satellite?

    The place my friend bought his from said it had the ability to play backups, like a mod-chip. It doesn't work. Wondering if that was just a load of crap.
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    sonic 2. That's about it... oh, i think the phantasy star games were cool, but I never got to far with them. Sonic 2 was my staple.
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    Anyone played LH or SW3/4?

    Well, Love Hina IS my favorite Anime, that's the main reason I want to get it.. mostly I want LH2... and Sakura Wars is a sort of strategy/date sim games from what I know (strategy game with dating elements tossed in, i mean)
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    Lip sync in Lunar Silver Star

    Did you get your copy from elportal? I have the same trouble with mine. Well, that and the fact that mine's just a shitty rip as far as I can tell.
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    Portable DC??

    the GP32 would be the best thing to connect it to, if you were gonna do a shitty hack like that... I hope the guy who made the SNESp and the PSXp makes a portable DC... he seems to know what's up. Better yet, I hope he makes one and puts up blue prints/directions/schematics/anything... *drool*
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    Anyone played LH or SW3/4?

    I'm wondering if anyone's played these games and if they're worth getting my hands on (not just because I'm a afan, but because they're quality games).