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    First Xbox 360 seen in the wild

    You really think his dad was fired? It's not like he showed the world the internal spec sheets and sent the parts to Sony. We've all seen pictures of the thing flying around, what's different about these? Except some kid is sitting in front of it and they're blurry. Nothing to see here, move...
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    Phantom Console to be unveiled at CES And it looks like that's all she wrote.
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    Should cable companies have to open their lines?

    Agreed. And more competition = lower rates and better service with more options (hopefully). I'm no fan of Time Warner and I'd love to have the realistic option of switching from them to someone else. And the DSL carrier in my area just isn't going to cut it.
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    How about a good laugh?

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    My Car Died :(

    My friend hates them for the same reason. And he has a Honda (or, HAD a Honda, before he totaled it). And someone explain to me this. My fiancee just bought a Mazda Protege5 with a "sport tronic" transmission. I don't get the point. For those not in the know, this is an optional clutchless...
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    Monkey Island 2

    Don't feel too bad, I only even played the first two MI games for the first time back around Christmas last year. And I cheated most of the way through the second one. That said, I didn't really feel ripped off. I had read about the ending being really stupid, and I agree. It was pretty...
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    My Car Died :(

    D'oh. The only accident I was in was pathetic. We were driving my girlfriend's college roommate home at the end of the year (road trip!) and we took her mom's Acura. On the way back her and I were stopped at a light along side a small town type parking lot in front of a shop. I was the...
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    What was your first 3D Accelerated Card?

    My first non-integrated card was a Diamond Monster 3D II with 8MB. It kicked some serious ass with Quake II :D It's painful to watch the slow trickle of boards. But there is a choice at this point. And it's kind of cool that you can get a semi-SLI board with a simple pencil modification on...
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    Match of the Millennium!

    Wait.. there was female nudity involved on SX? Why was I not informed? That's it, someone's getting fired. :slap
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    Match of the Millennium!

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    Bill Gates Strikes A Pose!
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    Sam and Max: Freelance Police is likely returning!

    Actually, no, it's dead. Negotiations fell through. See Bad Brain's website. However, the license for Sam & Max expires in May. At that point Steve Purcell can do whatever he wants with whoever he wants. Bad Brain is still talking with him to see if he'd be interested in starting a new game...
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    Encryption techniques

    I've been trying to solve a series of puzzles that appear to be using different encryption techniques. Not knowing much about them, I'm wondering if anyone here knows of a site that outlines some of the more common used techniques. I've found a number of sites, but they all more or less show...
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    Which movie do you like best?

    Are you insinuating something about our dear Cloud?
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    Electoral College certification stopped!

    Not to mention all the cries by the GOP for a reelection in the Washington State Governor's race. :huh:
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    U.S. scientist calls for new calendar

    Why not go all out? Metric Time
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    Toilet paper

    Dumb question. I ask because the new janitor at work always puts the rolls on the underhand way and it's just unnatural and wrong. Everyone I know does it the overhand way.
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    athlon64 question....

    Read my thread on this. There's a lot of questions I had about 754/939 that I hashed out with others in there. As for the different cores I think this article might help.
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    PCI Express/AGP

    I'm kinda confused right now, actually. Usually NewEgg is one of the cheapest sites around. Yet lately their A64 chips have been significantly more expensive than a lot of other people. Take the 939 3200+ for example. NewEgg has it for $245 and ZipZoomFly has it for $207. Plus I notice that...
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    LucasArts President Quits

    *bump* I don't know who else is interested, but it looks like some LA designers started their own business when things got shaken up last year. Of particular interest is that Sam & Max: Freelance Police might have found a new home with Bad Brain. Speculation is high as negotiations proceed...