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    Sega licenses Unreal Engine 3

    Kind of old news, but Speculation? Shenmue 3? Maybe? Please?
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    NES - picture "shakes"

    I need some help ruling out problems with my NES. After watching Little Miss Gamers review of Startropics, I was inspired to dust off my NES. It had been stored in a box for about a year and a half since it was last played. So I hooked it up, and was greeted with the "normal" problems I get...
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    Today was Geoffrey's birthday bash...

    at Toys R Us and I was wondering if I was the only person over 20 years old to show up with a DS to get Manaphy the pokemon. I must admit that even though I got the pokemon for my nephew who left his DS laying around, it was kind of exciting opening the mystery gift.
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    network gaming

    anyone want to play ultimate mortal kombat 3 (mame32k) via kaillera sometime? or something else.
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    How well do disc resurfacers work?

    How well do disc resurfacers work? You know, like the disc doctor or whatever they're called... I made the mistake of letting my girlfriend borrow all of my cat power cds knowing full well that all of her cds look as if she's smothered them with steel wool. Anyway, I had wanted them back so I...
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    Songs that sound like they came from a video game

    I just realized how the begining of Prince's Batdance sounds alot like the begining of Phantasy Star IV. There was another song I had in mind before posting this, but i completely forgot what it was. Anyone else know of any other songs that are similar to other video game tunes?
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    NES Clone at $17.95

    Stolen from the anandtech hot deals forum, (I pasted from the seller's site): And here's the link to the original post...
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    PSO Character Transfer

    Is it possible at all to convert (if necessary) and transfer a character from a dreamcast vmu to a pc so it can be played on the PC version?
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    Miscellaneous loose ends list

    Inspired by arromdee's post in the gamehelp section. I'd like to start a thread where everyone can post odd things in games that they can't figure out. This includes items that appear to be useless, areas that can't be reached, areas that appear to have no reason for being in a game, in game...
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    Metroid Prime 2

    AHSCHH! The spider guardian is driving me nuts!!!!
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    Xenosaga Problems

    I was at the swapmeet today, and at a booth where they had a bunch of items that werre refurbished or returned, and I took the risk of buying xenosaga for 5 bucks. When i popped it into my ps2, I expected nothing at all, but to my luck, it worked. But not for long. After the 3rd cut scene...
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    Nadius' Praise for the NES Advantage Joystick

    I won an eBay auction for the NES Advantage for the mere purpose of having it, this is what happens when I'm bored and have money; I go buy stuff that I don't need. When it arrived, I lopped it onto my desk and it stayed there for about a week (my brother borrowed the games when he got his top...
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    Articles like this make me sick with ignorant comments such as... and and This is why commonfolk call any video games playstations. Ugh.
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    What game would my girlfriend like?

    I know the women of this board would probably get all upset and say not to generalize women and say they don't play games or not to sum up and stereotype their tastes with a few games, but hey, it's true, not alot of women play games, and if they do, there are certain titles that always come up...
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    Making the move to .ogg

    I'm making the big move! I want to convert my CDs to .ogg, and I've got a couple of questions: What's an ogg bitrate comparable to an .mp3@192kbps ? What ripper should I use to rip CD's? I'm currently using CD-DA X-tractor, but found that there's a clipping noise that starts off almost each...
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    My friends computer internet connection is jacked.

    I''ve tried googling for solutions to this problem, but to no avail. My friend says his computer successfully connects to the internet, but then he can't browse or connect to any chat clients, but before this got severe to the point where he couldn't do anything at all, it would let him either...
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    Shining Force: Weird Items

    Okay, i heard there were some miscellaneous items in Shining Force, and I'm just now starting to look for and find them in my 4th go around. Yesterday I found the 'kenji'... with some dudes tiny face as the icon, can anyone tell me what that's for?
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    In your opinion, what's the best looking box art?

    In your opinion, what's the best looking box art? While gathering conceptual ideas for a Sword of Vermillion flash movie i thought about making, i ran across the cover art for the japanese megadrive and was astounded at how "cooler" it is than it's US counterpart. here're the covers for...
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    The Nokia N-Gage Any of you looking forward to it? I kinda am, but the screen seems too small and it also has alot of buttons. I'm interested in seeing sonic run on it. hmmm
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    Suggestions for 2+ player games - What to get?

    I'm getting back into the NES, and i want to know what are some good multiplayer games that i can look out for when I go hunting. I have about 40 games, and only about 3 of them are two player and one of them simultaneous. Also, does anyone know if 'Spot: the video game' supports the NES Satellite?