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  1. vbt

    Are you interested in old Neogeo hardware/dev? join my discord!

    more people needed just join!
  2. vbt

    SEGA Saturn 27th Anniversary Game Competition - Discussion Thread

    i won't be last this year
  3. vbt

    vbt is back from his hiatus

    not motivated
  4. vbt

    Netlink ROM dumps

    what's the hardware used by the netlink ? i mean which cpu runs that ROM, it doesn't seem to be the saturn SH2s
  5. vbt

    Any idea about the prices !!!

    only nights warrior could be valuable i got too some sealed european games
  6. vbt

    Saturnin WIP thread

    mega bump from the death :eek:
  7. vbt

    Unfinished Xeno Crisis Sega Saturn port by anonymous Segaxtreme user

    nice demo, but how bitmap bureau could protect the game
  8. vbt

    Fenrir running games over wifi, video on twitter

    impressive ! it will be helpfull for devs too ! congrats
  9. vbt

    Kronos 2.1.5 Gameplay video on youtube.

    one nice sample :
  10. vbt

    Hi-scores page?

    it could be nice :) but updating score may need more security and maybe a way to upload files. it was fun to build the db model & learn a bit php
  11. vbt

    Hi-scores page?

    send them again, i'll do it
  12. vbt

    Hi-scores page?

    not at all, if people want to send high score, i'll add them to the database
  13. vbt

    Game Saves collect project

    i well i gave new game saves thanks to latest pskai for fenrir :rock:
  14. vbt

    DoomFS2 by dgrubb - another attempt at making a good Doom port on Saturn

    waiting for someone able to port it
  15. vbt

    Sega Saturn Sample by Sega

    maybe they are not all new
  16. vbt

    SEGA Saturn 26th Anniversary Game Competition

    i'm last on the contest but everybody will remember the garfield demo :)
  17. vbt

    Local Segaxtreme moderator hates McDonald's

    that's healthy food :