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    WTB: Gameboy Advance SP NES EDITION

    Looking for a mint or near mint Gameboy Advance SP preferably the NES edition. Shipped to Canada (Toronto). Thanks :)
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    Ever have a system that you wanted to sell.....

    Hi people. Just wondering something. I've had my Sega Saturn for a long time now. Maybe a good 7-8yrs. I bought it used and to my surprise it came modded! I've had a great time with this system but now i find it in a bin under the bed. I've been low on cash a few times now and have thought...
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    Xbox Live 2mth free trial card...

    Hi people. Picked up Halo2 a few days after launch and have the free 2mth trial card just sitting around so instead of selling it for a few bucks i might as well post it here if someone wanted to give Live a go. jqmx8-bryq3-mcgxw-jqw46-pcy9j Just let me know when you've used it so i can throw...
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    Dreamcast Fishing Rod???

    Anyone have an official Sega made fishing rod they'd want to sell to me? If not i'll give Ebay a try. Thanks. :)
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    Stuff for sale...

    Hi people. Just cleaning up the room and since I dont use these sytems+games anymore maybe someone out there will. JVC X'eye with 1 controller and its hookups. 8/10 system condition but works great over all. Includes Night Trap (revised version-complete), Joe Montana Football and Dark Wizard...
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    Gamecube SELL OFF!

    All up on Ebay. Thanks anyhoo.
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    Zelda Wind Waker...

    Hi people. Looking for the instruction manual for Zelda Wind Waker. Bought my copy used and it didn't come with one so if someone could get me one that'll be nice. :)
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    Death Clock

    According to Death my die to go will be on.. Your Personal Day of Death is.Friday, December 19, 2053 Seconds left to live... 1,579,188,110 and counting Being 73 is better then I thought. :banana
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    Lord of the Rings box set

    Hi again people. Anyone interested in trading Lord of the Rings 1 and 2 for part 1 box set which includes the movie (2 dvds) and 2 extra dvds. I picked it up the other day and after watching it realized im not that big on dvd extras and would rather have just bought part 1 and 2 instead and...
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    PS2 for sale...

    Hi people. Gonna try selling the bros Ps2 on here before trying on Ebay. System includes... PS2 System 2 Controllers Nework Adaptor Sony Dvd Remote 1 Memory Card Monster S-Video Cable Dance Mat Games with box+manual: Britney's Dance Beat Gran Turismo 3 Grand Theft Auto 3 World Tour...
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    PS2 for an Xbox?

    Heya people. Anyone out there willing to trade their Xbox for a PS2? The PS2 comes modded and includes the GameShark which is needed to run copied games. Only thing is my GS cd is a little scratched so the PS2 is having a tough time reading it, but I do have an extra cd lying around which I...
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    Anyone have NHL 98 for sale?

    topic says it all.
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy 23rd to me. :cheers
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    DVD Collection....

    Hi people. Just wondering if anyone else has their dvd's up on DVD Profiler well here's my list. Nelsonpby's not so big DVD list
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    Microsoft buys\to buy off Sega!

    Hi people. Just letting you know something i found rather interesting. I subscribe to Sega World Weekly e-mails and on this one they mention something about M$ buying out Sega. Here's what it said... Microsoft Buys Out Sega? Just as this issue began sending, we recieved news about Sega's...
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    Sega Brings Classic Games to PC!

    Just trying this thing out now. It's not bad either. Im only trying the demos but so far i like what i see. Sonic 1 seems a bit choppy when running on full screen for whatever reason, but looks nice and runs great windowed. Great sound from this thing too. The demo for it runs for about 60mins...
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    Forcing English mode...

    I read somewhere that there is a way to force games to load in English rather then in Japanese. Is this done on the front loading system only? or could it be done on my top loader. Thanks.
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    I picked up a Neo Geo CD system today! It's the top loading one (not sure which model that is yet). Here are my games.... King of Fighters 94 Road to the Final Victory 3 (Art of Fighting 3 i believe). Samurai Spirits (Samurai Showdown i believe too). And these 2 are still shrinkwrapped...
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    What's it look like...

    Hi again :) Just wondering what your computer desktop looks like? I'll put mine up in the morning. Im running WinXp with Style Xp and i think it looks pretty good. :) Good Night :)