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    Ground Zero Texas

    Played this one to the end . While the gameplay itself became so repetative after the 2'nd act I wanted to jump out a window, I always felt a strange feeling of accomplishment when I saw the end credits. I really did like this game. I thought the production of the FMV sequences was top notch...
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    Tivo Mods

    Depends on the mfgr and model ... Most can be done, just requires a little work to get it going ... What mfgr and model ?
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    What OS for a old PII box as a File/Print Server

    Have to disagree w/ EX on this one .. While yes, ANY form of recently ( 3 yrs ) Unix is more secure than any Microsoft product ever written, you'll learn ( as EX was correct to point out ) the learning curve is a steep one. Something you can easily do in IIS is turn on and set up FTP. In Red...
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    SegaCD poster JPEG

    Ahem ... Power Glove .... I know, I know nintendo ... And they even had a movie or two based around the Power Glove ...
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    Sad But True

    Back in the heyday of the SegaCD, you could call up Sega Of America and request hints for specific games. If you fumbled thru the buttons long enough, you could get a live operator. Being all of 13, I asked how they new all the cheats/hints/etc .... SOA provided them with a "cheat sheet " for...
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    The re-occurring

    Tool - The Grudge
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    Faking a server?

    Yes, DNS+Proxy would work fine ( but would add some overhead that you would never notice at all ) At least by routing at layer 3, once the route is set, all incoming devices to that network could work ... Using a proxy would also require each user to connect and be configured for the proxy...
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    Faking a server?

    In both cases it could happen - 1 - Non-Hard coded - You could ( like EX said ) , alter your DNS's registered address to point to a specific server ... 2 - Hard Coded - You could create a routing table that states ( sega real servers - ) ( fake servers - )...
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    The Value of 1st Person Shooters

    AfterBurner had moments when you were in " 1'st person " ... Does that count ????
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    Samurai Shodown?

    It is pretty, but the load times are annoying ( as with ANY other game ) It's a classic game that every 3d0 owner should have .. Sitting right next to my copy of Escape From Monster Mansion and Space Hulk !
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    Internet explorer crashes (user.exe)

    Another evil microsoft tool ... ... ( for $30 you get a browser that is not actually tied into explorer.exe )
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    Sewer Shark

    I found this on a game site - I will never have the time to check this out, but maybe it works - ( sounds alot more like it just worked out that way ) Alternate route: During the game, you will follow directions given for turns to take, labeled like a clock (i.e. left turn is 9, right turn...
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    Segacd ac adapter

    I know my local gamestop carries Gen1 power supplies.. They will work w/ a Gen 1 SCD ...
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    Adult 3D0 game

    While it wasn't a " sex " game like Blonde Justice or Immortal Desires , don't forget about Traci Scoggins in SNOW JOB !
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    all 3do owners

    FZ-1 All the way ... Likes almost any CD-R you throw at it...
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    Final Fight CD us

    I don't know any besides the rapid fire ... Never saw any either ( god knows i'd have used it ! )
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    Night Trap

    One of the original and best ever ... I remember the Christmas the unit came out ... That week ALL i could do is play Sherlock Holmes and Night Trap ... It was a quality game, with , we won't call it good, acting. I agree that the gameplay suffered by having to switch rooms ALL THE TIME, but...
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    Night Trap Sega CD

    The original HAD the clamp going around the neck, and you could see the blood getting sucked out ... I remember it in ALL it's FMV grainy glory ...
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    New Sega CD game "Citizen X" a fake?

    Digital Pictures was the original designer of the game ... I remember reading a "pre-review" years ago in a gaming mag about it .. It also inculded a picture of a clown w/ a gun ... My kind of clown ....
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    Ahh double switch! =D