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    Evangelion 1 and 2

    I recently purchased evangelion one and two for saturn. Since I have no st-key or action replay, I rip my import games and patch them with the country converter. heres the problem though when I make a bin/cue and patch it, cdrwin, nero and blindwrite all reject the cue sheet, the games structure...
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    Dracula X and Magic enigine

    I downloaded Dracula X and I am using the full versions of magic engine and when I get to the part where I resuce Maria there is no voices and there should be seeing how in the movie sceen they are moving there mouths but all hear is nothing. Now I though the problem was in the iso/mp3 version I...
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    Sega cd HELP!!!!!!

    I have a model 1 and sega cd and we had this thing for a fucking long time like since it first came out. and my bro took the sheild off and I don't think he put it back on properly. Does anyone know where I can find a pictue that will show where the small pieace fits like where in the vent does...