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    Rats back!

    I fall in the same boat :) I was here way before alot of you guys. Iceman2k let me run the iso section till it became too much to handle and i passed it off. Good times. :D
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    Post your favorite YTMND's

    Post your favorite YTMND's Good laugh with some of those sites. Thanks for posting. :)
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    Sega Rally Championship

    Great memories of this one. Remember playing this with my bro and just going back and forth beating each others race times. I eventually got the greatest time and sadly the game wasnt played much again. :(
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    MSNBC NEWS: Game's rating change a sign of things

    MSNBC NEWS: Game's rating change a sign of things It was only a matter of time
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    What was your best party gaming experience?

    Virtua Tennis and Virtua Striker for the Dreamcast did it for me. Tennis rocked! 4 player action at its best! :banana
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    WTB: Gameboy Advance SP NES EDITION

    Had a chance to pick one up for myself about a month ago but decided on the PSP instead. Could of got the Nes model for $80 Canadian (local pickup too). :smash
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    WTB: Gameboy Advance SP NES EDITION

    Looking for a mint or near mint Gameboy Advance SP preferably the NES edition. Shipped to Canada (Toronto). Thanks :)
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    More Shining Force Neo Images!

    WOW.. all is needed here is WOW... this looks amazing and I can't wait for a U.S release :) heh
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    Ever have a system that you wanted to sell.....

    Hi people. Just wondering something. I've had my Sega Saturn for a long time now. Maybe a good 7-8yrs. I bought it used and to my surprise it came modded! I've had a great time with this system but now i find it in a bin under the bed. I've been low on cash a few times now and have thought...
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    Xbox Live 2mth free trial card...

    Oh I meant Phantasy Star Online, not the PS2. :) Had a Ps2 a couple of times but wasnt really into it. Im the best man for my brothers wedding coming up so im gonna hint to him that I want one. :) Nice and slim too! :)
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    Xbox Live 2mth free trial card...

    No problemo. Been playing PSOnline alot more then Halo2 lately. :)
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    Xbox Live 2mth free trial card...

    Hi people. Picked up Halo2 a few days after launch and have the free 2mth trial card just sitting around so instead of selling it for a few bucks i might as well post it here if someone wanted to give Live a go. jqmx8-bryq3-mcgxw-jqw46-pcy9j Just let me know when you've used it so i can throw...
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    4 New Soundtracks Available

    Glad I could help. Keep up the good work! :agree
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    4 New Soundtracks Available

    Wonderboy link doesn't work. But great job on the releases. :) :banana
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    New Fan Art!

    Speaking of which. Did anyone see Mike Surrey's drawing? Funny stuff! :)
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    New Wallpaper!

    Sweet ass job with the new scripts Dibz. :cheers
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    Another New Soundtrack!

    I agree! :cheers
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    Post your Wallpaper No. 2!

    Clean and simple...
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    ESPN Nhl 2k5

    Picked up NHL2k5 the other day and played it on XBLive for the first time. I won my first 2 games both with the other player taking off. My third game was against a guy with a 23-2 record. It was 0-0 after 1 period and i thought to myself this is pretty fun, until the guy switched his shot...
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    Sega Visions from the year 1995

    Hmm...I think i may have 94....but i'll have to search for it. :)