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    I'm forever blowing bubbles

    I'm forever blowing bubbles Hi Guys! I think I have bought another duffer!! Giant Gram (Pro-Wrestling 2) for the Jap DC. It won't work on my PAL DC. And before you ask I have every boot disc under the sun including the usually reliable DC-X. It starts to boot and then goes back to the DC...
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    V-Rally 2 on DC

    I have just bought a brand new sealed copy of V-Rally 2 and when I play it, it won't boot up - it gets to the Sega screen and then tries and tries again, until eventually it gives up. Not a mark on the disc, so I assume it is faulty, or is anyone aware of any problems (for example with...
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    I have recently bought some US NTSC games for my UK Pal DC and they don't seem to work. I use Utopia to boot them but it freezes then kicks me out to the DC boot screen. I have had US NTSC D2 and Samba De Amigo for a while now, and they both work fine. However, I have recently bought Sega Smash...
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    Is it possible to get online with AOL on my DC?

    Is it possible to use AOL as my IP on my DC? I have Dreamkey 2.
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    Marvel super heroes vs street fighter

    I downloaded and burned MSH Vs Street Fighter and it played okay. However, the audio sounded like it was doubled (it repeated about a second after it started) which was irritating. Also, there seemed to by some glitches with the graphics - the backgrounds disappear and there isn't any floor on...
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    Earthworm Jim 2 USA

    I have just got a US copy of Earthworm Jim 2 but when I play it the sprites flicker terribly. I have a UK PAL Saturn with an import cart played on a TV through the RGB scart. I assume its not a bug and that it is probably to do with it being an NTSC game playing on a PAL TV? Anyone know if it...
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    White Japanese Sega Saturn

    I bought a mint white japanese sega saturn thinking I would chip it cos my chipped PAL saturn is broken. It cost $53 + $53 shipping. It arrived within a week and I eagerly opened it up to check it didn't have one of those fiddley 64 pin chips but there weren't any chips in it at all! How pissed...