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    Position Independent Code

    Quick question for someone in the know. I'm trying to setup some code that can be run from either hwram or lwram depending on the situation. From what I can tell, the gnu c compiler supports a function called position independent code or PIC. I've tried playing around with the option using the...
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    WTB: Saturn Netlink Modem

    I'm not expecting people to practically give one away, but it would be nice if someone could give me a fair deal. I've been spending some time of late trying to document the registers and other internal workings of the modem, but it's been a pain trying to test theories, etc. without the actual...
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    Translation tools no more

    After putting up with what I have today, I'm finished releasing any more saturn hacking tools I may have worked on. I don't care when people use my work for their own knowledge, but it really urks me when people are ignorant enough to proclaim they did it all and kick my work to the curb. So...
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    Question regarding CD audio and SCSP

    Here's a question to those who are familiar with playing CD audio and the SCSP. One of the things I noticed back when I was implementing my MPEG sample was that just like when you play CD audio, you need to setup the sound driver before any audio is heard. Obviously both are externally connected...
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    MPEG sample finally complete

    This program basically sets up the MPEG card and tries to play a movie. You'll need to have a copy of Lunar SSSC to use it. Use the pad buttons to test some of the MPEG card's effects. Cyber Warrior X
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    Sega CDC Library recreated

    I guess I was rather curious as to how the cd block functioned in more depth, so I decided to put my disassembly knowledge to the test and used sega's CDC library as a basis for writing my own library. See attached file. As you can see it's basically the recreation of the source that sega...
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    My regular christmas gift

    It looks like it's becoming a regular tradition with me. Though there isn't as many new tools this year as last year. Anyways, I released a number of tools that I've been working on over the last year or so. If you're interested in that sort of thing, take a look:
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    Saturn Hackers will find this useful

    Well, I managed to find a couple of nice tools for ida pro last night. I managed to create a few sig files based on the various SBL/SGL libraries floating around.
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    My Christmas Gift to you guys

    Should have something for everybody. Basically I started a site which contains some of my more recent projects. There's a number of unreleased tools(all saturn related), saturn sample programs, and my long awaited Saturn Hacking docs(unfortunately I couldn't get them all done by Christmas)...
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    Saturn Hacking notes

    Just decided to post some notes I made for a few games for those interested. First game I'm going to cover is Langrisser: DE(mostly because d-boy asked about it a while back). BG.DAT holds all the beautiful background images that you see throughout the game. It comprises of both 8BPP tiled...
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    Saturn Seq->Midi Converter released

    As mentioned in another post:;t=6690 I've been working on a Saturn Seq->Midi converter. Basically everything is done except for the few odd bugs here and there. Anyone who wants it can get it here...
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    Saturn Sequence Format Specs v2.00(1994.8.20)

    I used SndSim's ASCII output as my reference and managed to document the -real- seq format, which is ironically very different than what sega provided in official docs. You can get it here: I've also been working on a saturn seq->mid...
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    New Program

    Just to let you all know i've released a new program which converts vcdbuild cue sheets(.rti) and images(.dsk) to something cdrwin can understand. Now you can finally build those pesky saturn dual data track cd's, given you have the proper script file, etc. Anyways, you can get it here...
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    Rarely do I ever get ticked off to this degree:
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    Langrisser III Status update

    I'm almost ready to release an alpha patch. So far progress is as follows: System/game messages: 100% battle menu's/submenu's: 100% unit names: 100% weapons/armor names: 100% spell/summon/skill names: 100% other items: 0% in-battle dialogue dialogue: 0% pre/post-scenario dialogue: 0%...
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    Langrisser IV, Langrisser V, etc.

    I've finally figured out the size, etc. of the font. So if anyone still had any ideas of working on these games, i've made your life easier. I had to rewrite tilemod2's 1bpp module so it would read 12x12 tiles instead. Now anyone can read the fonts in the...
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    Saturn asm hacker needed

    I currently need someone who's skilled in saturn asm hacking to help do some modifications for my Langrisser III project. I basically need the font size changed, as well as modifying the program so it allows an expanded section for the translated text. Anyone interested please email me at...
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    Langrisser III Translation

    I figured it's been long enough, and it's getting irritating at how no one seems to recognize the langrisser series. So i've started a site dedicated to get the ball rolling and start getting the langrisser series 1-5 translated(though i'm currently working on langrisser III myself). For...