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    Composite video amplifier circuit - How do I build one?

    Right. It seems that my new French NES does indeed output RGB. This is all well and good when it's hooked up to the TV, but my PC won't take RGB, only s-video or composite, and this NES isn't wired for either of those - the encoding issues due to the French TV standard (SECAM) are the reason it...
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    NES w/ stereo sound and lockout chip disabled - For sale in

    Hi, Having finally tracked down a French NES unit with RGB output, I'm modifying that for stero sound and imports, and getting rid of my old UK unit. This only outputs standard composite video, the same as any other non-French/developer NES, but I've added a white RCA audio jack to the left...
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    PAL 32X + PAL Games + 60Hz MD

    When I try to play my UK PAL copies of Chaotix and Space Harrier, I can only get by the region lock by switching the (PAL) MD to 50Hz mode. If I then switch to 60Hz, the screen either rolls or doesn't update at all until I switch back. Where is the incompatability, and can it be fixed? As I...
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    RGB SCART cable + Megadrive 1 + 32X

    Hi, Having located an RGB SCART cable for the bargain price of £9.99 (well, I think it's a bargain), I can't seem to get the sound working. I get a loud buzzing noise on both channels, which gets louder the brighter the picture. I *do* get the sound, but the buzz is much louder and very...
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    Modifying Game Gear, Megadrive and 32X

    Hi, Having added 50/60Hz and ENG/JAP switches to my Megadrive, and 50/60Hz and UK/US/JAP switches to my Saturn, I'm now looking for something else to do. Does anyone know if any of the following are possible, please? 1) Adding TV output to a Game Gear 2) Adding s-video output to a Megadrive...
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    NES Mods - RGB, s-video, 60Hz

    Hi, Anyone know if there's any truth to the rumour of RGB capable NES consoles out there, perhaps in France? If not, is there any way of getting s-video from one, please? Also, if I were to add an NTSC PPU to a PAL console as a means of adding a 50/60Hz switch (I'm getting quite fond of them -...
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    N64 mods - RGB, 60Hz, imports

    Hi, Does anybody know whether it's possible to add RGB output to a PAL N64, or what the pins on the video chip are? Also, does anyone know whether adding a US PIF chip to my PAL N64 will allow it to run in 60Hz mode (I know it'll allow it to play imports), or would this require a US video...
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    Megadrive 1 & 32X mods

    Megadrive 1 & 32X mods Hi, Does anyone know a way of adding an s-video output to a Megadrive 1 (connected to a Mega-CD 2 and a 32X)? Additionally, is there any way to mod said 32X to run at 60Hz? Thanks James
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    Game Gear TV Output

    Hi, Anybody know whether it's possible to modify a Game Gear to output a video signal so it can be played on a TV? Thanks James