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    Dreamcast TO Saturn adapter?

    Got a agetec stick 4 dc an wonderin if there are any pinouts for dc connectors. I know there are saturn to dc adapters but i want the other way around. Plan on gettin a controller extension cable an splicin that up. Anyone know where there are some pinouts/directions or anyone done it b4?
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    biku biku somthin somthin...

    saw a game, biku biku but dont know the exact name...anyone here know? its 1 of those jap titles obviously
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    drawer style segacd's

    where can i get a drawer style segacd-usa vers with box? good cond preferably. anyone know of any sites besides ebay?
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    Anyone have diagrams for wire splicing...

    anyone got diagrams or know of a site for directions on wire splicing controllers....genesis...saturn....sms...etc so you can hook the controllers up to your computer....i've looked at over 30 controllers for the computer and i bought the 2 best that i could find and they both suck for emulators....
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    Flash cart for gamegear?

    for roms and stuff, are there flash carts for the gamegear....rather not play it em on a pc, but a real gamegear would be preferable....can anyone point me towards some information about em? i know there are flash carts for gameboy, GBA, an NGP and NGPC..... would be cool to be able to put a...
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    Gameshark/PAR question bout software?

    recently picked upa gameshark an had a pc comms card layin round from while back, question is.... how do you get it to work on windows 2000? heres the error i get...